Michael Perlman, Notre Dame

Michael Perlman

Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

Office: B20 Hayes-Healy Center

Email: mperlman@nd.edu


Starting Fall 2020 I will be Coleman Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Queen's University.
I received my Ph.D. in May 2020 from the University of Notre Dame, where my advisor was Claudiu Raicu.

Here is my CV (last updated 5/24/2020).


My interests are in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, D-modules, and their interactions with representation theory.
I like to study homological invariants of algebraic varieties, including local cohomology, syzygies, and mixed Hodge structure.
More recently, I have been thinking about singularities and invariants arising from birational geometry and the theory of D-modules (e.g. Hodge ideals, Bernstein-Sato polynomials, motivic Chern classes).


  1. Equivariant D-modules on alternating senary 3-tensors
    (with András C. Lőrincz)
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal, DOI:10.1017/nmj.2019.33 (2020)
    [arXiv, poster]

  2. Lyubeznik numbers for Pfaffian rings
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 224 (2020), no. 5

  3. Computing Schur complexes
    (with Michael K. Brown, Hang Huang, Robert P. Laudone, Claudiu Raicu, Steven V Sam, and João Pedro Santos)
    Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry 9 (2019), no. 2

  4. Equivariant D-modules on 2 x 2 x 2 hypermatrices
    Journal of Algebra 544 (2020)

  5. Regularity and cohomology of Pfaffian thickenings
    Journal of Commutative Algebra, to appear
    [arXiv, poster]



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About Me

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (Bartlett, Schaumburg, Buffalo Grove).
Outside of mathematics, I am interested in listening to music (Rock, Hip hop, Techno) and film - I love to talk about movies.
In my free time I enjoy cooking, bicycling, and gardening - before pursuing math, I studied plant biology.