Professor Emeritus
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
E-mail: Mihir.Sen.1[at]nd.edu

Research areas

Some Master's theses
  • Non-Linear Interaction between Shallow Water Waves, J.L. Samaniego, 1978
  • Analysis of the Transient Behavior of a Thermosyphon, J.A. Rojas, 1980
  • Characteristics of Circular Jets, E. Rincón, 1981
  • Approximate Stability Analysis for a Cylindrical Falling Film, F.J. Solorio, 1982
  • Numerical Solution of Natural Convection in Cavities, S.L. Moya, 1983
  • Natural Convection in Semi-Elliptical Cavity, E. Martín del Campo, 1984
  • Flow in Conjugate Thermosyphon Loops, O. Salazar, 1984
  • Maximum Cyclonic Wind Speeds, J. Sánchez-Sesma, 1985
  • Starting Characteristics of Round Jets, J. Hernández, 1987
  • Natural Convection in a Tilted Trapezoidal Enclosure, V. Kumar, 1987
  • Deterministic Chaos in Nucleate Boiling, N. Acharya, 1989
  • Analysis of Flow over Fixed and Rotatable Cylinder-Splitter Plate Body (Co-Director), J.C. Xu, 1990
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Past a Freely Rotatable Square Cylinder (Co-Director), T.G. Zaki, 1991
  • A Two-Dimensional Model for an Evaporative Falling Film with Deposition (Co-Director), M. Núñez, 1994
  • Analytical and Numerical Study of Solidification by Convective Cooling with Void Formation, Z. Yang, 1994
  • Performance of a Single-Row Heat Exchanger at Low In-Tube Flow Rates (Co-Director), X. Zhao, 1995
  • Development of Computational Algorithms for Forced and Mixed Convection in Coiled Tubes in a Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger (Co-Director), Q. Shi,1997
  • Dynamic Modeling and Thermal Control of Multi-Room Cooling, Z. Xiao, 1999

Ph.D. theses
  • Ignition Processes of Premixed Gases in Boundary Layer Flows, César Treviño, 1980
  • Linear Stability of a Cylindrical Falling Film of Liquid: Theoretical and Experimental Study, Francisco J. Solorio, 1989
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Chaotic Mixing, Narasimha Acharya, 1992
  • Mathematical Modeling of Thermocompressive and Thermoacoustic Machines (Co-Director), Driss Omari, 1996
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement by Regular and Chaotic Mixing in Laminar Channel Flow, David R. Sawyers, 1997
  • Study of External Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Single-Row Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers, Ricardo Romero-Méndez, 1998
  • Simulation and Control of Heat Exchangers using Artificial Neural Networks, Gerardo Díaz, 2000
  • Simulation of Compact Heat Exchangers using Global Regression and Soft Computing, Arturo Pacheco-Vega, 2002
  • Temperature Controllability in Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers and Long Ducts, Sorour Alotaibi, 2003
  • Hydrodynamics and Control in Thermal-Fluid Networks, Walfre Franco, 2003
  • Nonlinear Dynamics of Thermal-Hydraulic Networks, Weihua Cai, 2006
  • Linear Stability of Electron-Flow Hydrodynamics in Ungated Semiconductors, Williams Calderón-Muñoz, 2009
  • Peristaltic Flow with Application to Ureteral Biomechanics, Joel Jiménez-Lozano, 2009
  • A Heat Conduction Study at Non-Continuum Scales (Co-Director), Alejandro Guajardo-Cuéllar, 2011
  • Reduction and Approximation in Large and Infinite Potential-Driven Flow Networks, Jason Mayes, 2012
  • Thermal Study of a GaN-Based HEMT, Jorge Ferrer-Pérez, 2012

Courses taught
  • EG111 Introduction to Engineering Systems I
  • EG112 Introduction to Engineering Systems II
  • EG 34203 Introduction to Energy Systems
  • AME231 Measurements Laboratory
  • AME332 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • AME20213 Measurements and Data Analysis
  • AME334 Fluid Mechanics
  • AME 30314/34314 Differential Equations, Vibrations and Controls I
  • AME 439/30334 Heat Transfer
  • AME40510 Introduction to Numerical Methods
  • AME4046/41463 Senior Design Project/Lab
  • AME 57104/34104 Engineering Analysis
  • AME47530/50535 Special Studies: Energy Systems/Energy Systems
  • AME498 Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • AME499 Undergraduate Research
  • AME60611 Mathematical Methods I
  • AME 60634 Intermediate Heat Transfer
  • AME60635 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
  • AME 60655 Intelligent Systems
  • AME623 Thermal Convection
  • AME60676 Biofluid Mechanics and Bioheat transfer (bioheat transfer part)

Books and notes

  • Blogs: Ingeniería en nuestras vidas (please click here)
    Editors: Rafael Chávez Martínez, Mihir Sen, Jaime G. Cervantes de Gortari

  • Internet books: serie hispanoamericana de ingeniería (please click here)
    Editors: Mihir Sen, Jorge Ramos Grez, Francisco Javier Solorio Ordaz
    Associate editor: Rafael Chávez Martínez

  • Mathematical Methods in Engineering (please click here)
    Joseph M. Powers and Mihir Sen
    Cambridge University Press, New York

  • Mecánica de Fluidos (please click here)
    Diego Alfonso Sámano Tirado y Mihir Sen

  • Introduction to the Mechanics of Waves (please click here)
    Mihir Sen

  • Introduction to Fractional-Order Operators and their Engineering Applications (please click here)
    Mihir Sen

  • Analytical Heat Transfer (please click here)
    Mihir Sen