Mendoza Student Leadership Association

In order to provide for a more unified student body, to strengthen the relations between students and faculty, and to promote the interests of the students thereof and the recognition of Mendoza College of Business, we serve as the student representation to the Mendoza College of Business, striving to create a greater sense of the Mendoza family within our Notre Dame family.


We act as a sounding board for the Mendoza Office of Undergraduate Studies and also generate our own initiatives to foster community within the undergraduate business school through events designed to help students get to know each other and to get involved in the business school.







In addition to being a resource for students, we strive to connect students with the tools they need to make informed decisions on majors, class courses, and extracurriculars.

Our initiatives seek to build community within the Mendoza College of Business by uniting students, faculty, and staff through different events and activities, both on and off campus

Determining plans after graduation  is not always the easiest process for students. Through numerous panels, mentors, and lectures, students will be better suited to find their vocations.



The Mendoza Student Leadership Association represents the voice of the  undergraduate student body in the Mendoza College of Business by encouraging progress, change, and development.




Mendoza Student Leadership Association

101 Mendoza College of Business

Notre Dame, IN 46556