The Notre Dame Mock Trial Association is a nationally competative program. As both a class within the College of Arts and Letters and a club through the Student Activities Office, the mock trial program is uniquely situated to give members valuable insight into the legal profession while providing the tools to help its members polish their speaking ability.

Members work throughout the year to learn the federal rules of evidence, courtroom procedure, and presentation skills. Members form teams and take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in order to present an entire trial including opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing arguments. Teams compete against other teams from around the country in the spring semester to showcase their knowledge and ability.

We compete through an orgainzation called the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). On AMTA's website you can download this year's case or the Midlands Rules of Evidence, view official tournament results, and find other interesting developments in the world of intercollegiate Mock Trial competition.