Fifteenth International Symposium on
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
University of Notre Dame, August 12-16, 2002

The symposium program will include plenary lectures, special topic invited lectures, mini-symposia, mini-courses, special topic sessions and contributed papers.

Schedule of Sessions and Invited Talks:
The following provides an overview table for the

Time of Sessions and Invited Talks.
You can also download an Excel Spreadsheet.

Schedule of all Talks:
The following provides a detailed list of all the scheduled talks.

Alphabetic Listing of Talks by Authors

Final Program. (Full version, 100 pages, 1.43M)

Final Program. (Short version, 34 pages, 0.22M)

Electronic Proceedings in pdf format. (Size of file is 0.46M)

List of Confirmed Plenary Speakers
Anthony Bloch (University of Michigan),
William Helton (University of California),
Bruce Hajek (University of Illinois),
Gilbert Strang (MIT),
Eduardo Sontag (Rutgers University).

List of Confirmed Special Topics Speakers
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (University of Notre Dame),
Roger Brockett (Harvard University),
Raffaello D'Andrea (Cornell Universit),
Matthias Heinkenschloss (Rice University),
Knut Hueper (University of Wuerzburg),
Karl Kunisch (University of Graz),
Andrea Loeliger (ETH),
Robert J. McEliece (Caltech),
Wolfgang Runggaldier (University of Padova),
Arjan van der Schaft (University of Twente),
Olof Staffans (Abo Akademi University),
Allen Tannenbaum (Georgia Tech),
Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel (University of Leiden),
Jan Willems (University of Groningen),
Jeff Wood (University of Southampton).


During MTNS 2002 there will be several Mini-symposia which consist of a sequence of sessions and mini-courses. Mini-symposia will be in the areas:
  1. Biological systems (organized by Mark Alber, Raimund Ober)
  2. Communication systems (organized by David Forney, Jr., Brian Marcus)
  3. Control and Computation (organized by Paul Van Dooren, Uwe Helmke, Volker Mehrmann)
  4. Financial systems (organized by Hans Schumacher, Michael Taksar)
  5. Multi-dimensional systems (organized by Krzysztof Galkowski, Eric Rogers, Victor Vinnikov)

Workshop on Open Problems in Systems Theory.

During MTNS 2002 there will a workshop on open problems in systems theory organized by Vincent Blondel. Contributions should be sent by email to Vincent Blondel. The deadline for submission is April 20, 2002. For further instructions click here.

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