Folding and assembling proteins in the Midwest -- for 16 years!

This one-day meeting of Midwest research laboratories interested in protein folding, aggregation, binding, and dynamics features talks and posters (from graduate students and postdocs, plus two PIs). Topics include:
1. In vitro experiments: protein folding, binding, aggregation, dynamics
2. In silico approaches:
computational models and genome-wide approaches to understanding protein folds, dynamics, and folding mechanisms
3. Proteins in vivo: co-translational folding, roles for molecular chaperones, misfolding/aggregation/amyloid formation, and cellular mechanisms for recognizing and clearing misfolded proteins


(1) To gather Midwestern protein scientists together so we can learn more about each others’ research!
(2) To provide graduate students and postdocs with a forum for presenting their research results


Saturday, April 29, 2023 ...  Here is a past program, to give you a feel for scope and organization.


Jordan Hall of Science,
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 USA
(look at a map)


Use these links to learn more about:

REGISTRATION. Registration is FREE, but required. Fill out this form to register. Registration deadline is April 17th.

PROGRAM. Meeting begins at 8:50 am (coffee and pastries available at 8:00 am); will conclude at ~6 pm with a beer/wine/munchies reception. View this past program, as a guide.

ABSTRACTS. Please follow our formatting and submission instructions. Abstracts are due Friday March 31, 2022. Several short talks will selected from the submitted abstracts!

In addition to talks selected from abstracts, we will have two PI speakers:

  • Seema Mattoo, Purdue University
  • Josh Vermaas, Michigan State University

TRAVEL INFORMATION, including driving directions.

OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS: Please contact Emily Musenbrock (emusenbr -at- nd -dot- edu) if you need assistance finding overnight accommodations.

AREA RESTAURANTS can be found in the South Bend/Mishawaka Visitor Guide. There are several restaurants on campus, including  Legends (casual dining) and Rohr's (bar/restaurant in the Morris Inn). 



Meeting Organizer: Patricia L. Clark (University of Notre Dame)

Program Committee: Connie Jeffery (University of Illinois - Chicago) & Lisa Lapidus (Michigan State)