Grader Information:

Undergraduate students are used in the Department of Mathematics to correct homework assignments for our math classes. Grading is done on your own time and the hours that you work are turned in electronically using UltraTime. A graders hours vary depending on the type of class and the usual number of students in that class.


We are currently taking applications for the Spring 2014 semester. Positions available are 10130 and 20580. Please fill out the application at the bottom of this page.

Office Assistant:
We do not have any office assistant position available for Spring 2014.
Office Assistant Application form


Tax Forms:

- Form W-4 (2014)
- Form I-9

- Direct Deposit

On Campus Jobs


Teaching Assistants (TA's):


Teaching Assistants are used in Math 10120, 10250 and 10260. These positions are 5 hours per week and are set times. A TA will meet with students for 2 hours twice a week with 1 hour of prep time. Meeting times are always in the evening hours and sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday and are determined by you and the professor. A classroom will be assigned to the TA.


To apply as a TA you will need to fill out the same application that is used for the graders.


Personal Tutoring:

2013/2014 tutoring applications are now being accepted.  Please stop by the Math office to apply.  255 Hurley Hall.

Employment Applications:


Grader/TA Application form
Office Assistant Application form


PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TWICE.  Job notifications for Spring 2014 were sent out January 8th.  If you have any questions, send an email to


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