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Dr. Ahsan Kareem
Robert M. Moran Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
University of Notre Dame

Phone: (574)631-5380
Fax: (574)631-9236

 Curriculum Vitae [PDF] (Last update on February 7, 2018)


 Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, December 1978
 M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Hawaii with joint program at MIT, June 1975
 B.S., Civil Engineering, W. Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology, May 1968

 Research Interests

 Structural Engineering
 Structural Dynamics
 Damping Systems
 Wind Engineering
 Offshore Mechanics
 Probabilistic Methods
 Natural Hazards
 System Identification
 Full-Scale Monitoring
 Codes & Standards

 Selective Honors, Affiliations and Appointments (Full lists are in the CV above)

 2009 Member, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
 2008 ASCE State-of-the-Art Civil Engineering Award, ASCE for a state-of-the-art paper of exceptional     merit in civil engineering
 2007 A. G. Davenport Medal, Inaugural recipient of International Association for Wind Engineering     Senior Research Award for outstanding contributions to wind engineering
 2005 Robert H. Scanlan Medal, Engineering Mechanics Division of ASCE for outstanding     contributions in engineering mechanics
 2003 Distinguished Service Appreciation as Chair of Executive Committee of the Engineering     Mechanics Division of ASCE, Washington, D.C., 2003
 2002 Jack E. Cermak Medal, Inaugural recipient of ASCE for outstanding contributions to wind     engineering
 1999 Munro Prize for the best paper in Engineering Structures, Elsevier
 1997 Engineering Award, National Hurricane Conference for the development of new ASCE7-95
 1997 American Association for Wind Engineering Award in appreciation for the many contributions to     the development of the ASCE7-95 Wind Load Standard

 Advisory Professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, PROC, 2006-2009
 Regional Chair, North & South America, International Association for Wind Engineering, 1994-1999
 President, American Association for Wind Engineers, 1994-1998
 Committee Chair/Member
   - Member, ASCE Huber Prize Committee, 2008-
   - Chair, EMI/ASCE Awards Committee, 2007-09
   - Chair, ASCE Committee for Society Wide Awards based on Journal Papers, 2005-2008
   - Member, Technical Activities Committee, ASCE, 2004-2007
   - Member, Advisory Board, The 21st Century Center for Excellence on the Effects of Wind on
      Buildings and Urban Environment, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo, Japan, 2004-2009
   - Chair, Advisory Board, Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, 2007-2008
   - Chair, Executive Committee of the Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, 2002-2003
   - Vice-Chair, Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, 2001-2002
 Conference Chair
   - 8th ASCE Specialty Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability (co-chair),
     Notre Dame, IN, 2000
   - The Sixth U.S. Nat'l Conf. on Wind Engrg., Houston, TX, 1989
   - ASCE Specialty Conference, "Hurricane Alicia: One Year Later", Galveston, Texas, 1984
   - North & South America, Wind & Structures, (An International Journal), 1997-2005
 Associate Editor
   - Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE 1998-2000
   - Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 1987-1997
 Guest Editor
   - Structural Safety, Vol. 23, 2002
   - Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Vol. 36, 1990
 Member Editorial Boards
   - Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
   - Structural Safety
   - Applied Ocean research
   - Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
   - Engineering Structures
   - Natural Disaster Studies
   - Structure and Infrastructure Engineering


 List of Publications
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