Raquel Montanez-Gonzalez

Graduate Student

Email: montane (at) nd (dot) edu

Office: 272 Galvin Life Sciences


I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Cayey in 2015, obtaining a B.S. in Biology. My undergrad research focused on genome annotation and sequence improvement in Drosophila species. Being born and raised in Puerto Rico meant that I grew up having to deal with vectors like Aedes aegypti and some of the diseases they carry like dengue and chikungunya. My prior experience with bioinformatics and my interests in population genetics and vector biology helped me become part of the Besansky Lab in Fall 2015. I will be working on developing and validating a computational approach to identify chromosomal inversions in the Anopheles gambiae Ag1000G HapMap data, and to develop complementary molecular karyotyping approaches applicable without sequencing.