By the Numbers:

76,253 The number of questions answered by student-athletes online during a 2 month period

7,353 The number of mandatory compliance forms completed online by student-athletes during a 2 month period

671 The number of postcards mailed to local hotels, restaurants and miscellaneous establishments reminding the community of NCAA rules

166 The number of education sessions conducted by the compliance staff during one academic year





Fans learn from Notre Dame coaches that boosters can cause NCAA violations

Click Brittany to view this compliance video; Very funny!



NCAA Eligibility Center - Class of 2016 Resource

Toll Free: 877/262-1492

International Callers: 317/223-0700

Fax: 317/968-5100

NCAA National Office


Hotline: 800/638-3731

Fax: 317/917-6622

Additional Resources

NCAA Guide for College Bound Student-Athletes

NCAA Reference Guide - Includes Core Course & Sliding Scale Requirements

Notre Dame Upward Bound/Trio Presentation February 23, 2013 found HERE

You know what's really cool? Being mentioned by Luke Winn of in his weekly NCAA Basketball Power Rankings column.



The University of Notre Dame Athletics Compliance Office serves coaches, prospective student-athletes, current student-athletes, athletics representatives and those groups that support our 26 varsity sports and 750 student-athletes. We ensure that the integrity of Notre Dame is upheld by establishing an atmosphere of education, consistency and responsibility in adherence to the explicit guidelines set forth by the governing legislation of the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference. By providing the security of institutional control, we contribute to the success of our programs.

With that, your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules and regulations is essential as we strive to maintain and enhance our national athletic prominence while protecting the University’s storied tradition. Please be mindful of your interaction with prospective and current Notre Dame student-athletes, their families and friends. Our Athletic Compliance Office stands prepared to assist you with your questions and concerns regarding NCAA rules. Please remember, Ask Before You Act!


University of Notre Dame
Department of Athletics

NCAA Compliance Office

113 Joyce Center

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone (574) 631-9647

Fax (574) 631-9961

Athletics Department Main Phone Number: (574) 631-6107






University of Notre Dame

Department of Athletics




Thursday, November 4, 2010

The NCAA salutes the more than 400,000 student-athletes participating in 23 sports at more than 1,000 member institutions.