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Directed by Prof. Chawla, DIAL (Data, Inference Analytics, and Learning) Lab in College of Engineering is focused on Big Data. Our research addresses a diverse set of problems in Big Data and Analytics. Our fundamental work in data mining includes -- class imbalance (rare and extreme events), cost-sensitive learning, evaluation issues, streaming data, graph mining, network science, and parallel and distributed data mining. We work on a broad range of applications including social networks, healthcare analytics and informatics, systems biology, and climate and environmental science.

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Directed by Professor Chawla, iCeNSA is a multi-disciplinary University Research Institute organized around network and data science problems in social, biological, biochemical, physical, environmental, financial, organizational, technical and defense systems.

As a research center, iCeNSA (1) develops a systems-level understanding of the fundamental processes and mechanisms that underly the structural, dynamical and functional properties of complex networks, (2) develops and integrates novel mathematical and computational tools for network science.