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Guatemalan Trial of Ex-dictator Rios Montt to Begin” Reuters (March 19, 2013).


Justice Dept. Document Justifies Killing Americans Overseas if They Pose ‘Imminent Threat’” The Washington Post (February 5, 2013).


Al-Qaida Carves Out Own Country in Mali” Boston Globe (January 14, 2013).

DOJ Asks DC Circuit to Reverse Terrorism Conviction of Al Qaeda Media Director” JURIST (January 10, 2013).

Guantanamo Prosecutor Recommends Pentagon Drop Conspiracy Charges” JURIST (January 10, 2013).

U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan on Rise for 2013” The Washington Post (January 10, 2013).

Former Liberian President Convicted of War Crimes” The New York Times (April 26, 2012).

The Tortuous Path to Justice in Cambodia” The New York Times: IHT Rendezvous (March 27, 2012).

Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, Address at Northwestern University School of Law: On Defending the United States Through the Appropriate and Lawful Use of Lethal Force, (Mar. 5, 2012).

Colombia’s FARC Rebels Say They’ll Stop Kidnapping” The Washington Post (February 26, 2012).

Prominent Rights Judge Is Convicted in Spain” The New York Times (February 9, 2012).

Eric Ellis, “Room for Everyone at the Hague: It's taken 14 years and USD1 billion but The International Criminal Court in The Hague has finally obtained a verdict, this week convicting Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga for recruiting child soldiers to fight his long-running ethnic war in the Ituru region of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the 2000s. Lubanga is the first of 27 people indicted by the ICC to receive a ruling. Why does it take so long? And is the world getting the legal system it needs in The Hague? Eric Ellis went to the Dutch capital last month to explore' The Global Mail (February 8, 2012).

Obama Team to Break Silence on al-Awlaki Killing,” Newsweek (January 23, 2012).

“European Court Overrules Britain on Terror Detainee” The New York Times (January 17, 2012).

Trial Begins for Last U.S. Marine Charged in Haditha Killings” (January 10, 2012).

Blackwater Settles Last Lawsuit in 2007 Baghdad Shooting Incident” (January 9, 2012).

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Documentary Videos On Reserve

  • PROSECUTOR (Icarus Films 2011).
    A fascinating story with extraordinary behind-the-scenes access, PROSECUTOR follows every move of this flawed yet charismatic champion of human rights as the ICC begins its very first trials. Luis Moreno-Ocampo travels to the world's most violent countries to investigate and prosecute those accused of brutal crimes against humanity.


Treatises On Reserve

  • Antonio Cassese, International Criminal Law (2d Ed. 2008).

  • Jared Cohen, One-Hundred Days of Silence: America and the Rwanda Genocide (2007).

  • Claire De Than & Edwin Shorts, International Criminal Law and Human Rights (2003).

  • Jimmy Gurule, Complex Criminal Litigation: Prosecuting Drug Enterprises and Organized Crime (2000).

  • Jordan J. Paust et al., International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (3d Ed. 2007).

  • Gary D. Solis, The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War (2010).

  • Ellen S. Podgor, Understanding International Criminal Law (2004).

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