LAW 73320: Gender Issues & International Law


Professor Venter

Spring Semester 2015
Research Guide

How to find Resources in a Subject not included in Hesburgh’s “Find Resources by Subject” guide:

  • The electronic resources available through Hesburgh also cover many subject areas for which Notre Dame has no undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs (and thus no corresponding research/subject guides).

  • Open Google (or your preferred search engine)

  • Limit the domain for your query to “.edu”

  • Search for: [name of subject] library research guide

  • To search for guides at U.S. law schools only, use this link:

  • Browse the results and select a current guide from a reputable institution.

  • You may not be able to access another institution's subscription based databases and journals via the research guide that you find.

  • Use Hesburgh’s Find a Specific Journal link to find out if we have the journal(s) referenced in another institution’s guide.

  • To locate a specific database at Notre Dame, use "Databases" option from the University Libraries home page (the tab is located above the main search bar) and select the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the [first letter of the name of the] database that you want to find.