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Notre Dame Marketplace:
815 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Robyn Pola: (574) 631-2991
Fax: (574) 631-8549
Email: marketplace@nd.edu
Business Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time


Alliance for Catholic Education:
574-631-9996 or kwhite8@nd.edu

School of Architecture:
574-631-8437 or cdubree@nd.edu

ND Center for Arts and Culture:
574-631-3249 or aschaufe@nd.edu

Notre Dame Band Webstore:
574-631-7136 or ndband@nd.edu

The Career Center:
574-631-3315 or jgray6@nd.edu

Center for Latino Spirituality and Culture:
574-631-3233 or dyingtolive@nd.edu

Commencement Videos:
574-631-0961 or oit.service@nd.edu

Development Donor Services:
574-631-9385 or givegift@nd.edu

Domer Dollars:
574-631-7814 or idcard@nd.edu

Faculty and Staff Value Lunches:
574-631-7814 or idcard@nd.edu

The Fanning Center for Business Communication:
574-631-4827 or jbradfo1@nd.edu

The Graduate School:
574-631-7545 or dteditor@nd.edu

Society for Hindu-Christian Studies:
574-631-7128 or info@hcstudies.org

Institute for Latino Studies:
574-631-3481 or bessignano.1@nd.edu

ND International Student and Scholar Affairs:
574-631-3825 or issa@nd.edu

Irish Shop:
574-631-6199 or irishop@nd.edu

St. Michael's Laundry:
574-631-7565 or smlcco@nd.edu

Marketing Communications:
574-631-1481 or mwiens@nd.edu

MBA Career Development:
574-631-8633 or mbarecruit@nd.edu

Mendoza Student Leadership Association:

The Morris Inn Online Store:
574-631-2017 or Lesley.S.Butler.81@nd.edu

Nonprofit Executive Program:
574-631-6073 or kbrumbau@nd.edu

ND Vision:
574-631-7425 or ndvi@nd.edu

RecSports Rec Register:
574-631-6100 or recsport@nd.edu

Satellite Theological Education Program:
866-425-7837 or stepnd@nd.edu

Segura Arts Studio:
574-631-3143 or SeguraArts@nd.edu

Student Shop:
574-631-5028 or studentshop@nd.edu

Notre Dame Vending:

Warren Golf Course Pro Shop:
(574) ND1-GOLF (631-4653) or warrengc@nd.edu