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The Radiation Chemistry Data Center of the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (ndrlRCDC) was an information resource dedicated to the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of data characterizing the reactions of transient intermediates produced by radiation chemical and photochemical methods.

The Center made the result of its data projects available in printed chemical kinetics compilations and bibliographies. On-line documents and databases are also available through these web pages. Please follow one of the links below to find out more about the data resources of the center.

On-Line Resources

The kinetics data

The program of the Radiation Chemistry Data Center for the compilation of data has emphasized the collection and review of reaction rate data for transient radicals, radical ions and excited states in solution. The data largely results from the techniques of pulse radiolysis and flash photolysis and related methods which have produced a large body of kinetic data for chemical reactions occurring in less than about 10−3 seconds. Compilations of this data have appeared in a series of refereed papers and reports. The data, including no recent additions, is here made available to the scientific and technical community as a world wide web resource.

Pages in the compilations display a bibliographic reference and data about the chemical species, reaction conditions, method and specific rate. The bibliographic reference is to the source for the displayed data only and consists of the author names and journal reference but not the title of the article. Data about the reaction contains Greek letters, math symbols, italic letters, subscripts, etc. which have been encoded in HTML and Unicode for display. The chemical species are often represented both by a chemical formula and by a name such as Chemical Abstracts has used for indexing. Fragments of these names may prove useful in finding the desired data. These items provide the information to use in search terms.

Note that the HTML and Unicode encoding is not displayed properly for all computers and browsers. These, mostly older harware and software units, may display a nonsense symbol.

All of the data in this database is for chemical kinetics in solution. A comparable database for chemical kinetics in solution, for the most part the same data, is also maintained by NIST. A comparable database for chemical kinetics in the gas phase is also maintained by NIST.

Browsing the kinetics compilations

The RCDC compilations on this web site are presented as individual groups of pages corresponding to each published work. Each compilation consists of an introductory article, describing the scope of the compilation, with the considerations and criteria for data evaluation discussed. Nomenclature for the compilation is also described here. For the kinetics compilations the introduction is followed by one or more pages of links organized as an index or table of contents to the individual pages of the compilation. These links allow the browsing of the data by species name. Each page tabulates the reaction of a transient species with a particular reactant.

For example, within the Buxton, Greenstock, Helman and Ross compilation on rate constants of transient water radicals, there are separate sections for hydrated electrons, hydrogen atoms, hydroxyl radicals, and oxide radical anions. Each page within a section contains the rate constant, conditions of measurement, and literature reference for the reaction of that transient with a given reactant (e.g., for hydroxyl radical, there are separate pages for methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, and hydroquinone).

Transient Species and Links to the Compilation Pages and Search Forms

Hydroxyl Radical Intro Index
Hydrogen Atom Intro Index
Hydrated Electron Intro Index
Oxide Radical Anion Intro Index
Singlet Oxygen Rates Intro Index
Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yields Intro Index
Reduction Potentials Intro Index
Aliphatic Carbon-Centered Radicals Intro Index
Inorganic Radicals Intro Index
Transients from Metal Ions and Complexes Intro Index
Miscellaneous Other Reaction Rates - Index
Quenching of Metal Complexes Intro Index
Triplet-Triplet Absorption Spectra Intro Index
Peroxyl Radicals Intro Index

Searching the kinetics compilations

Most RCDC compilations on this web site may be searched using reactants as a search term. The usual Google search on the Google web site is recommended. Include the term ndrlrcdc and any terms that will better specify the results desired. A few representative results will be shown, click on the link to repeat the search with all of the omitted results included. The search "ndrlrcdc 4-Bromobenzoate ion" should display about 15 results. Although the data pages display formatted terms such as C6H5CO2 (or C6H5CO2-) using these terms for searching is not likely to work as desired.

The Google search should return pages from both the kinetics data compilations and the bibliographic database. An advanced search with the word Bibliography to be not included will avoid the bibliographic database matches.

The RCDC bibliographic database (RCDCbib)

The bibliographic database is a result of the Radiation Chemistry Data Center's effort to collect the important literature of radiation chemistry, including closely related photochemistry, prior to 1995. The database is represented on 28365 web pages for 156676 references by 116837 authors. The database includes title, author list, literature reference, language if not English, etc., as is appropriate. For most papers Radiation Chemistry Data Center (RCDC) serial numbers and keywords from the RCDC thesaurus have been added, and may be used as search terms.

Titles have been encoded for Greek letters, superscripts, etc. using the old RCDC scheme using the printing characters $, @ and ^. The RCDC serial number has been used in many printed compilations as a reference to the bibliographic section, and may be used as a search term if the full original publication is not at hand.

Author names in RCDCbib are stored as a capitalized surname, followed by initials. Surname prefixes, such as de, da, van, von, and van't are not capitalized unless they are capitalized in the original literature. Since authors frequently use multiple forms of their names over their publication history, it may be necessary to use several author search terms to retrieve all database references for a given author.

Keywords in RCDCbib are contained in the Thesaurus for Radiation Chemistry, developed as a guide for the indexer, and published to aid users of RCDC on-line resources. The list is arranged alphabetically, and a given keyword entry may contain broader (BT), narrower (NT), and related (RT) terms. Synonyms are denoted by the terms USE and USED FOR (UF).

Browsing the bibliographic database

A list of authors is provided that can be browsed to find references. The list is by author name or a range of author names and divided in two stages into 34 index pages each of fewer than 1000 links to the bibliographic data pages. The following six first level pages also contain links to several second level index pages:
Aag to Czy Daa to Gzo Haa to Kyz Laa to Ozu Paa to Szy Taa to Zyu

For example to find references for Burton, M., click on the Aag to Czy then on the Bret to Chan links. It may be convenient to use the edit > find on this page function (or its keyboard shortcut) to locate the author's name. Click on the name link to display the several references, Burton, M. has 170 references. Links that have a single author name point to a page that has all of the five or more references for that author that are in the RCDC bibliographic database. The number after the name is a count of references on that page. Links with two names point to a page that has all of the references, fewer than five each, for that range of author names that are in the RCDCbib database. The number after the names is a count of all references on that page; each author has one to four references. It may be convenient to use the edit > find on this page function to locate the author's name, a co-author's name or a term from the title or keyword list or journal abbreviation or year if a particular reference is sought.

Searching the bibliographic database

The bibliographic database may be searched using title phrases and author names as search terms. If using an author name it is recommended to use browsing, as above, and refine the list using the local search this page function. For the usual Google search on the Google web site, include the term ndrlrcdc and any terms that will better specify the results desired. A few representative results will be shown, click on the link to repeat the search with all of the omitted results included. The search "ndrlrcdc Schuler" may display more than 300 results. Those with a title Bibliography for (author name) are organized by author name and contain all of the references for that author. Schuler may be a coauthor of such papers. Those with a title BibliographyM, are organized by serial number and will contain one or more reference for author Schuler. Other results will show data from Schuler's papers reported in RCDC data compilations. Using the Edit > Find on this page option will locate references with the requested term. Adding terms to the search such as an additional author name may help locate a particular reference.

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