The Notre Dame/Gary Teacher Learning Center - 2016-17

The Teacher Learning Center (TLC) is a help center for middleschool STEM teachers to learn about the Nationally Recognized Modeling pedagogy*, how to utilize modeling in their classrooms, and to communicate with each other through various means including video observations with their peers and with the NISMEC mentors.
* Modeling pedagogy can be investigated at the American Modeling Teachers Association website:

A 2-year grant from "The Indiana Commission on Higher Education" to NISMEC, the Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative, is a Teacher Quality Initiative focused on enhancing STEM education in the 7th and 8th grades of the six Gary middle schools.
The program consists of two week summer institutes on the modeling process, together with a continuing school year interactive process of peer-peer, and teacher-mentor discussions and observations, in part through the use of classroom videos.
The videos are only available to participants of the program, but the two-week summer institutes will be available to other Indiana teachers (see the separate NISMEC notice).

Here is the schedule for our meeting at the Banneker Achievement Center on 19 March 2016 to introduce the Modeling methodology to the teachers:
and some documentation: Introduction, Hestenes-Modeling, Questions, Effect of Modeling, Peer Coaching vs. Evaluation
and some pictures taken at the event (by Chrenka and Berry) (click to enlarge):