The Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative

In the summer of 2016, NISMEC continues as a partner in two MSP (Math Science Partnerships) to introduce Modeling to Math and Science teachers at the Evansville-Vanderburgh Community Schools (EVCS) and to the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). The math teachers in these separate two-week workshops spent the first 3-4 days learning about and participating in physics, chemistry and biology Modeling examples. The remaining days, they developed math modeling examples to fit their own classrooms. During the process they tested out the modules amongst themselves and also tested several of the modules with the science teachers in their respective workshops. The math teachers worked from a brief suggested outline so that each module can be similarly presented.
We hope you can try out some of these modules in your classroom, and give feedback on needed changes, successes and problems:
Here follow the first drafts of these modules:
The Algebra I modules were created by Shari Millikan, Kelsey Roth, Andy Kissel and Grant Welp (at the EVSC workshop);
The Geometry modules were created by Leah Simon, Andrew Moad and Rance Brown (at the EVSC workshop)
The remaining modules were created by John Riley, Monica Widel, Justin Musgrove, Lynn Secondino, Shameka Kelley and Kim Williams at the IPS workshop.
Please note these are "PRELIMINARY drafts". Any suggestions for changes, improvements, etc and/or comments on their use in your classroom would be very much appreciated -
Please send them to for inclusion in the next versions. These versions are not yet being publicized to the rest of the world, but feel free to suggest to your colleagues that they might try them out and give us some feedback/suggestions for improvement.
Thank you

All modules are for appropriate for high school classes Algebra-1 or Geometry or IB probability) except the IPS module #6 which is appropriate for 6th and 7th grade students.
 Algebra-I Modules (EVSC)
1. Amusement Park - Activity, worksheet, whiteboard
2. Frequency table - activity
3. Grocery shopping - activity
4. Order of Operations - activity
5. Single variable equations - activity, worksheet
6. Ziggy - activity, worksheet
Geometry modules (EVSC)
1. Apartment floor plans - activity
2. Coordinate Geometry - activity
3. Perimeter and area - activity
4. Points, line, planes - activity
5. Triangle congruence exploration - activity
IPS modules
1. Two dice probability - activity
2. Basketball-conditional probability - activity
3. Apartment floor plans - activity
4. Geometry in the parking lot - activity
5. What do numbers mean? - activity
6. Integer Modeling (6th grade Math) - Outline, Activity.
We will be updating and adding more modules as they are written.
Thank you for your comments...