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Issue 1.1   January 2005

The Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative
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Guided Inquiry is our Focus

World Year of Physics 2005     World Year of Physics—2005

      This is the first NISMEC newsletter: our mission is to publicize important events and news in the world of inquiry based learning in science, mathematics and engineering at all grade levels K-12, college and graduate work. A principal focus will be on news and events most relevant to educators and friends of educators in Northern Indiana, but national and international news, programs, and other internet publications will also be included.
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      Arcadia, is/are a play and a conference on the intersections of Nature, Science and Art

      The play by Tom Stoppard will run from Tuesday, April 12, to Saturday, April 23, as part of the inaugural season of the new University of Notre Dame Center for the Performing Arts
      The 3-day conference, April 21 to 23rd entitled Nature, Science and Art coincides with the last days of the play. The Friday (April 22nd) meetings entitled Nature and Science: The Changing Scientific Picture of the World will be of particular interest: the principal speakers are Jeremy Butterfield of All Souls College, Oxford, Bas van Frassen of Princeton University and Tony Leggett of the University of Illinois
      More information can be found at the Arcadia website
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    .........mathematics, engineering and the other sciences too!
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