Prof. Nicole McNeil is the director of the CLAD Lab at the University of Notre Dame. She is the ACE Associate Professor of Psychology at Notre Dame. She received her B.S. from Carnegie Mellon and her Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin. Her research focuses on cognitive development in the areas of quantitative reasoning, symbolic understanding, and problem solving. Prof. McNeil also directs the Education Schooling and Society minor on campus and is a Fellow of the Institute for Educational Initiatives. For more information, check out her CV or contact her directly at


The math intervention Prof. McNeil and her research team have developed was featured in a "What Would You Fight For?" Commercial on NBC. This intervention is designed to improve children's understanding of mathematical equivalence, a fundamental concept in math. To learn more about the intervention, please read this summary. To learn more about the school featured in the commercial, please visit the Notre Dame ACE Academies website. The efficacy of the intervention is currently being tested with the help of WestEd.