Notre Dame NSBE

Chapter History

Upon receipt of a letter from Anthony Harris, the College of Engineering at the Univeristy of Notre Dame sought out black student leaders and faculty members and charged them to support the Black Society of Engineers (BSE) effort on a national basis. Having a group of similar interest, The University of Notre Dame was one of 80 schools to respond.

The first national meeting was held on April 10-12, 1975 and at this meeting the University of Notre Dame sent 6 of the 48 students present. It was at that historic meeting through majority vote, that SBE became the National Society of Black Engineers. The familiar NSBE symbol "N" with lightning bolts was chosen and it remains a distinctively recognizable symbol representing the premier technical organization for African American engineering students and professionals.

Since then, the University of Notre Dame Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers has remained committed to furthering the NSBE mission. Our Chapter remains a strong memeber of Region 4, the Mother Region, and continues to spread the light of the NSBE torch to everyone that we can.

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Executive Board

2013-2014 Executive Board


Ryan A. Snelling

Vice President

Amanda N. Kotey


Tasmine Clement


Steven D. Waller, Jr.


Purterson Justilien, Sr.

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Chapter Directives

Membership Engagement

Preparing and facilitating the growth of young technical professionals.

Academic Excellence

Focusing on academic performance and engineering retention rates of NSBE members.

Engineering Exposure

Exposing the engineering prospect to the youth, local community, and women.

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ND-NSBE Meetings

Our Chapter meetings are held twice a month on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm in the Executive Board Room of the College of Engineering. Join us for intellectual conversations, exposure to fruitful career prospects, growth through engaging activities, and more importantly FUN! Meetings will announced via email a week prior to meeting time, but if you would like to keep up with our chapter in the mean time, please reach out at

Thursdays at 8:30pm

258 Fitzpatrick Hall

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Chapter Opportunities

Our Chapter is always looking to provide opportunities to our members. Whether it is through community service, tutoring, or career assistance, we are always willing to lend a hand to our members and further their experience.

To find out what opportunities are available for our members, suggest a way that we can serve our members better, or submit your resume to the executive board to ensure it is forwarded to our corporate fellows please send us an email at

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