Required Materials: 

The following materials must accompany your completed application:

  1. BulletProof of current insurance  

  2. BulletAn official transcript

  3. BulletTwo (2) letters of recommendation from faculty

  4. BulletScan of your student ID

It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that all supporting materials arrive by the deadline date. 

Applications missing any portion of the required documentation will be excluded from consideration for a Summer Fellowship.

Application Materials


Successful finalists will be notified by April 6th.  Ten fellowships will be awarded, providing one week for official acceptance/declination by the awardee.


Upon receipt of official acceptance of our Fellowship offer from the recipient, awardees will receive materials pertaining to the course including the syllabus, calendar of events, a reading list,  and housing/dining information. 

Upon arrival:

Participants will be provided a reading packet with background information on the collection, site, region, and topic of focus when they arrive on campus.  You will also be given all necessary office supplies, books, a lab manual, key, xerox card, and memory stick for data backup.

Important Dates:

March 16  --  Receipt of all application materials

March 30 --   Notification of awardees

April 6 --        Final acceptance date for awardees

May 27 --      Arrival in South Bend

May 28 --      First day of class

July 13 --      Final day in lab (do not plan departure before 3 pm)

Click on the icon above to go to the application website.


All students must apply using the forms provided on this website.  The deadline for RECEIPT of the application is March 16, 2012.   No late applications (click the ND icon below, left) will be accepted. 

Application and Letter of Recommendation Forms are now online.

Click on the ND below for the 2012 Application.

**  Please be aware that the course runs for 8 hours per day (10 am-6 pm), 5 days per week, for 7 weeks.  You are expected to be in the lab each day, and to participate in all group activities.**

Expectation of Fellows



In case you have difficulty with the links above, here are the web pages for the Application and the Letter of Recommendation Forms:

Application Website:

Letter of Recommendation Website: