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January 17

Introduction and Overview

January 19

Modern Warfare in the 20th Century

January 24

The Development of Nuclear Science

January 26

Terminology of Nuclear Energy

January 31

Accelerators as New Tools

February 2

The Beginning of the Nuclear Age

February 7

Oak Ridge & Los Alamos

February 9

The Dawn of the Nuclear Age

February 14


February 16


February 21

Effects of Nuclear Weapons

February 23

Thermal effects

February 28

Natural Radioactivity

March 1

Radiation Detection

March 6

Radiation Effects of a Nuclear Bomb

March 8

Cold War and Proliferation

March 13

Spring Break

March 15

Spring Break

March 20

The Hydrogen Bomb

March 22

Nuclear Proliferation

March 27

Midterm Exam

March 29

The Bomb Test Programs

April 3

The Nuclear Test Program

April 5

ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

April 10

Radiation Fallout

April 12

131I Fallout from Nevada Tests

April 17

Nuclear Winter

April 19

The New Fear: Terrorists!

April 24

The Nuclear Weapons Fuel Cycle

April 26

New kids on the block?

May 1


May 3


May 8


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