Physics Methods in Art and Archaeology

Chapter 3. Archaeological Dating Methods
3.1-1 Archaeological Dating Methods
  3.1-2 Carbon Dating Method
  3.2 Examples for 14C Dating, Applications in Archaeology
  3.3 Examples for 14C Dating (Part 2)
  3.4 Examples for 14C Dating (Part 3)
  3.5 Dating for Anthropology
  3.6 Uranium Thorium dating
  3.7 Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy (AMS)
  3.8 Applications of AMS
  3.9 Carbon Contamination & Fractionation
  3.10 Thermoluminescence
  3.11 Applications of TL dating

Student Presentations

GPR Ground Penetrating Radar The Alvarez experiment The Origin of Man
Hans van Meegeren On Trial The Shroud of Turin

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