2nd Notre Dame-Europe Symposium
on Nuclear Science and Society

Notre Dame Rome Center
Rome, Italy
( Map )

November 4-6, 2015

The 2nd Notre Dame-Europe Symposium on Nuclear Science and Society (SNSS15) will be held at the Notre Dame Rome Center during Nov. 4-6, 2015.

The first in this series of symposia, organized by the Nuclear Physics Group at the University of Notre Dame, was held at the Notre Dame London Center in October, 2014 (http://isnap.nd.edu/events/NSS2014/). These symposia aim to discuss the current trends in applied nuclear science and it is envisioned that each will highlight selected applications of nuclear science benefitting society in general. The primary focus of the Rome Symposium will be on applications of nuclear science in the areas of art, archaeology, architecture, and environment; at the London symposium, it was medical physics and energy applications. Our endeavor is to bring together practitioners of the techniques of nuclear physics in varied applications for discussions/cross fertilization of ideas.

The University of Notre Dame has had a long history of research in nuclear sciences-the first accelerator at Notre Dame had become operational in 1937! The Nuclear Science Laboratory currently houses two accelerators-an FN Tandem Van de Graaff and a new high-current 5MV NEC accelerator. In recent years, an active applied nuclear physics program has taken root at the Nuclear Science Laboratory and it is expected to grow substantially over the next few years, with the addition of new faculty lines and two new accelerators devoted mainly to applied work. It is our hope that these symposia will become instruments of cross-fertilization of ideas and development of collaborative efforts in this important research endeavor.

This symposium is sponsored by the Notre Dame International.

Organizing Committee:

Ani Aprahamian (Notre Dame)
E-mail: aapraham@nd.edu

Andrea Denker (Berlin)
E-mail: denker@helmholtz-berlin.de

Umesh Garg (Notre Dame), Chair
E-mail: garg@nd.edu

Walter Kutschera (Vienna)
E-mail: walter.kutschera@univie.ac.at

Paolo Prati (Genova)
E-mail: paolo.prati@ge.infn.it

Filippo Terrasi (Naples)
E-mail: filippo.terrasi@unina2.it

Krupali Uplekar (Notre Dame)
E-mail: kuplekar@nd.edu

Michael Wiescher (Notre Dame)
E-mail: mwiesche@nd.edu

Confirmed Speakers:

Bauer, Wolfgang ( East Lansing )
Bertrand, Loic ( Soleil )
Bishop, Shawn ( Munich )
Boaretto, Elisabetta ( Rehovot )
Bradley, David ( Surrey )
Calcagnile, Lucio ( Salento )
Chiari, Massimo ( Florence )
Dewald, Alfred ( Köln )
Fedi, Mariaelena ( Florence )
Gialanella, Lucio ( Naples )
Guiterrez, Jose Maria ( Sevilla )
Gura, David ( Notre Dame )
Kumar, Ajay ( Varanasi )
Kutschera, Walter ( Vienna )
Lucarelli, Franco ( Florence )
Mand˛, Pier Andrea ( Florence )
Manukyan, Khachatur ( Notre Dame )
Martini, Marco ( Milano )
Marzaioli, Fabio ( Naples )
Massab˛, Dario ( Genoa )
Molnar, M. ( Debrecen )
Paul, Michael ( Jerusalem )
Ponta, Cornelius ( Bucharest )
Quarta, Gianluca ( Salento )
Respaldiza, Miguel ( Sevilla )
Santamaria, Ulderico ( Vatican )
Szikszai, Zita ( Debrecen )
Virgili, Vania ( Rome )
Zucchiatti, Alessandro ( Madrid )

Venue and Dates:

The Symposium will be held at the Notre Dame Rome Center, located in the heart of the city of Rome at Via Ostilia, one block from the Colosseum.

The Symposium will begin on Wednesday morning, November 4th, 2015, and will end at about noon on Friday, November 6th, 2015.

Costs and Support:

There is no registration fee. Coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided, a well as lunches on Monday and Tuesday. A reception will be held on Monday after the sessions.

We especially want to encourage students and young scientists to participate in the proposed symposium and some financial support may be available to make their participation possible.


Click here for online registration!   (The registration deadline is October 1st.)


The Notre Dame Rome Center recommends the following hotels in the neighborhood. We recommend that you make hotel reservations early because these hotels tend to fill in early.

Hotel Mercure
Via Labicana, 144
00184 Roma
Tel: +39 06 770021

Hotel Capo d'Africa
Via Capo D'Africa, 54
00184 Roma
Tel: +39 06 772801

Hotel Lancelot
Via Capo Dí»Africa, 47
00184 Roma
Tel: +39 06 7045 0615

Albergo del Sole
Piazza della Rotonda, 63
00186 Roma 00186 Roma
Tel: +39 06 678 0441

Profumo Maison d'Hôtes
Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 108
00184 Roma
Tel: +39 06 709 6043

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