Na Wei
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
The University of Notre Dame
Office: 106E Cushing Hall
Office Phone: 574-631-5164

Welcome to the Wei Research Group (Environmental Molecular and Synthetic Biology Laboratory) @ the University of Notre Dame!

    The overarching theme of our research is to understand and manipulate microbial systems at the molecular level for beneficial applications towards environmental sustainability. Our research lies at the interface of environmental engineering and molecular and synthetic biology, with interests in

    • Waste-to-energy and value-added biotransformation
    • Renewable biocatalysis for water reclamation and reuse
    • Biological effects of emerging and persistent pollutants
    • Vector control to prevent infectious disease outbreaks

    Thanks for browsing our website. Please feel free to contact me for more information. We are always excited to communicate with colleagues and potential students who share an interest in these interdisciplinary fields.