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Key: 2P = 2nd Philosophy; 2T = 2nd Theology; FA = Fine Arts;
H = History; L = Literature; S = Social Science

DisciplineND Course #ND Course DescriptionHost Univ. #Host Univ. TitleCreditTermReq.
ANTH34510 Ancient Rome and Its Monuments AH 290 Ancient Rome and Its Monuments 3Fall/ Spring 
ANTH34512Cities, Towns & Villas: Rome, Ostia, Pom...AH 190 Cities, Towns & Villas: Rome, Ostia , Po...3Fall/ Spring 
ANTH34030 Cultural Anthropology SOC SCI 221 Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3Fall/ Spring 
ANTH34511Introduction to Archaeology Arch 101 Introduction to Archaeology 3Fall/ Spring 
ANTH34513Politics and Power in Roman ArchitectureAH 181Politics and Power in Roman Architecture3Fall/Spring
ARCH34223Seeing Power in Rome: Exploring the Paga...34223Seeing Power in Rome: Exploring the Paga...3Summer
ARHI34311 15th-Century Italian Ren. Art  AH 295 Early Italian Renaissance Art 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34130 Ancient Roman Art and Architecture AH 223 Ancient Roman Art and Architecture 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI24135Ancient Roman Art of DeathAH 243Roman Funerary Art3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34131 Ancient Rome and Its Monuments AH 290 Ancient Rome and Its Monuments 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34340 Baroque Art  AH 375 Selected Topics in Baroque Art3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34545 Baroque Rome and Its Monuments AH 298 Baroque Rome and Its Monuments 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34137 Cities, Towns & Villas: Rome, Ostia , Po...AH 190 Cities, Towns & Villas: Rome, Ostia , Po...3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34211 Early Christian and Byzantine Art AH 260  Early Christian and Byzantine Art 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI24100Introduction to Ancient RomeAH 354 Ancient Roman Portraiture 3Fall/Spring
ARHI24562 Introduction to Western Art II: Renaissa...AH 152  Introduction to Western Art II: Renaissa...3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34405 Issues/Trends in Contemp Art. AH 341Issues/Trends in Contemp Art. 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34313 Italian High Renaissance Art AH 296 Italian High Renaissance Art  3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34200 Medieval Art and Architecture AH 292  Medieval Art and Architecture 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34221Medieval Rome and Its Monuments AH 291 Medieval Rome and Its Monuments 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI24137Politics and Power in Roman Architecture...AH 181 Politics and Power in Roman Architecture...3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34327 Renaissance Rome & Its Monuments AH 294 Renaissance Rome & Its Monuments 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI24540 Roma Aeterna: The Eternal City through t...AH 199 Roma Aeterna: The Eternal City through t...3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34138 Rome in the Age of Augustus AH 352 Rome in the Age of Augustus 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34546Seeing Power in Rome: Exploring the Paga...34546Seeing Power in Rome: Exploring the Paga...3Summer
ARHI34314 Selected Topics in Renaissance Art AH 370 Selected Topics in Renaissance Art 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI24310 Survey of Ital. Ren. Art  AH 196 Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34132 The Etruscans & the Origins of Rome AH 221 The Etruscans & the Origins of Rome 3Fall/ Spring 
ARHI34328Venetian ArtAH 339Venetian Art3Spring
ARST34405 Digital Photography AS 289 Digital Photography 3Fall/ Spring 
ARST14201 Drawing (Rome Sketchbook)  AS 110 Drawing (Rome Sketchbook)  3Fall/ Spring 
ARST34202 Figure Drawing AS 212 Figure Drawing 3Fall/ Spring 
ARST34309Fresco Painting AS 211Fresco Painting 3Fall/ Spring 
ARST14301 Introduction to Painting AS 204 Beginning Painting 3Fall/ Spring 
ARST34402 Photo II AS 349 Advanced Photography  3Fall/ Spring 
ARST24401 Photography AS 199 Basic Photography 3Fall/ Spring 
BAUG34123 Business Communications BUS 220Business Communications 3Fall/ Spring 
BAUG24141 Financial Accounting FIN 201Financial Accounting 3Fall/ Spring 
BAUG44133International Business BUS 330International Business 3Fall/ Spring 
BAUG24142 The Legal Environment of Business LAW 219 The Legal Environment of Business 3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS34106 Ancient Greek Civilization CL 268 Ancient Greek Civilization 3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS34095 Directed Readings in Latin CL 281 Independent Study3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS34205 History of Rome and Ancient Italy CL 231 History of Rome and Ancient Italy 3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS44350 Myths of the Greeks and Romans CL 260 Classical Mythology 3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS34022 Roman Literature and Culture CL 278 Literature and Society in Ancient Rome 3Fall/ Spring 
CLAS34025 Special Topics: Death and Mourning in An...CL/HS 299A Special Topics in Classical Studies3Fall/ Spring 
ECON34800Development Economics EC 342Issues in Economic Development3Spring
ECON34800Development Economics EC 341 Economics of Development 3Sping
ECON34110 History of Economic Doctrines EC 350 History of Economic Doctrines (Prerequis...3Fall/ Spring 
ECON34580 Industrial Organization EC 307 Industrial Organization 3Fall/ Spring 
ECON34700 International Economics EC 316 International Economics 3Fall/ Spring 
ECON34360 Money and Banking EC 371 Money and Banking, and Capital Markets ...3Fall/ Spring 
ECON34600 Special Topics in Economics EC 399 Special Topics in Economics 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL34115 American Literary Traditions I EN 223 Survey of American Literature 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL34111 British Literary Traditions II EN 232 Survey of English Literature III: 1832 t...4Fall/ Spring 
ENGL34110 British Literary Traditions I EN 230 Survey of English Literature I: The Begi...3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44217 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama EN 248  Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24116 Intro. to Poetry EN 210 Introduction to Poetry and Poetics3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24242 Introduction to Shakespeare EN 245 Shakespeare 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44170 Literary Theory/Engl. Canon EN 405Literary Theory3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44409 Modern Fiction EN 308 20th-Century Novels 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24120 Modern Italian Drama in Translation TH 341 Modern Italian Drama in Translation 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24106 Point-of-View in the Novel EN 200 Introduction to the Novel3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24903 Post Colonial Literature EN 220  Post Colonial Literature 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44116 Roman Influences on English Literature EN 232 Classical Influences on English Literatu...3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44313 Romanticism EN 302 Romantic Poetry 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44135 Special Topics in English Literature EN 399 Special Topics in English Literature 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44314 Study of the Works of a Single Modern Wr...EN 346 Study of the Works of a Single Modern Wr...3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44312 Victorian Fiction EN 303 Victorian Novel 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44601 Voices of the American Renaissance EN 315 Selected Topics in American Literature 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL24105 Women Writers in English Literature EN 240Women Writers in English Literature 3Fall/ Spring 
ENGL44084 Writing for the Media JRN 221Writing for the Media 3Fall/ Spring 
ESS34660 Developmental Psychology PS 221 Child and Adolescent Development Psychol...3Fall/ Spring 
FIN44500 International Finance BA 320 International Finance 3Fall/ Spring 
FIN34220Macroeconomic AnalysisEC 302Intermediate Macroeconomics (Prerequisit...3Spring
FTT24201 Italian Cinema since 1945 TH 241 Italian Cinema3Fall/ Spring 
FTT24205Media, Culture, and SocietyCOM 220Media, Culture, and Society3Fall/Spring
FTT34210Race and Gender in Cinema-TV CMS 360Race and Gender in Cinema-TV 3Fall
FTT34300Special Topics in Media Studies: Myth an...CMS 399Special Topics in Media Studies: Myth an...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST24608 20th Century US HistoryHS 371 The American 20th Century 3Fall/ Spring 
HIST24321 Ancient Rome: The Myth and Making of the...24321 Ancient Rome: The Myth and Making of the...3Summer
HIST34351 Early Modern Europe HS 260 Early Modern Europe- Absolutism and Revo...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34409 Europe Since 1945 HS 263Contemporary European History: 1945 to P...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34500 Historical and Philosophical Aspects of...HS 223Historical and Philosophical Aspects of...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34987 History of Globalization HS 201Long-term History of Globalization3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34081 History of Islam HS 399 Special Topics in History: The Golden Ag...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34230 History of Rome and Ancient Italy HS 231 History of Rome and Ancient Italy 3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34505 Italy from Mussolini to the Crisis of th...HS 366 Italy from Mussolini to the Crisis of th...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34506 Italy from the Risorgimento to the First...HS 365Italy from the Risorgimento to the First...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34261Medieval Europe I: Late Antiquity to the...HS 235The Birth of Medieval Europe: from Const...3Spring
HIST34352 Modern Europe I: The Age of Nationalism...HS 261 Modern Europe I: The Age of Nationalism...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34353 Modern Europe, 1878-1945 HS 262 Modern Europe II - The Age of Imperialis...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34623 Native American History HS 290Native American History and Tradiitions3Fall/ Spring 
HIST14606 The American Experience in the 20th Cent...HS 283 The American Experience II: From The Clo...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST14400 Western Civilization II HS 121 Introduction to Western Civilization II...3Fall/ Spring 
HIST14200 Western Civilization I HS 120 Introduction to Western Civilization I 3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34408 World War II HS 373 A World at Arms: The Second World War 3Fall/ Spring 
HIST34408 World War II HS 399 Special Topics in History: World War II...3Fall/ Spring 
MARK34100Consumer and Buyer Behavior MKT 310 Consumer Behavior 3Fall/ Spring 
MARK34500Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMKT 320Integrated Marketing Communications3Spring
MARK44300International MarketingMKT 330International Marketing3Spring
MARK34350 Marketing and TechnologyMKT 340E-Marketing 3Fall/ Spring 
MARK24100 Marketing MKT 30 1Principles of Marketing 3Fall/ Spring 
MARK34375New Product ManagementMKT 304New Product Management3Spring
MARK44550 Public Relations BUS 320Public Relations 3Fall/ Spring 
MARK34450Social Marketing and FundraisingMKT 355Social Marketing and Fundraising3Spring
MGT24200 Principles of Management MGT 301Principles of Management 3Fall/ Spring 
MGTC34460International ManagementMGT 426International Management3Fall
MGTC34300Management Competencies MGT 310Management Competencies 3Fall/Spring
PHIL24808Modern PhilosophyPH 240Modern Philosophy3Spring
PHIL 34806 Ancient Philosophy PH 210 Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy 3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 24318 Historical and Philosophical Aspects of...PH 223 Historical and Philosophical Aspects of...3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 24101 Introduction to Philosophy PH 101 Introduction to Philosophical Thinking 3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 24324 Medieval Philosophy PH 220 Medieval Philosophy 3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 34364 Philosophies of Art and Beauty PH 304 Philosophies of Art and Beauty 3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 34365 Philosophy of Social Science PH 360 Philosophy of Social Science 3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 34407 Special Topics in Philosophy: Magicians,...PH 310Special Topics in Philosophy: Magicians,...3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 24313 Special topics: Controversial Books in M...PH 230Special topics: Controversial Books in M...3Fall/ Spring 
PHIL 34507 Women in Philosophy PH 301Women in Philosophy 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34252 American Foreign Policy PL 330American Foreign Policy 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34438Eastern European Politics and SocietiesPL 355Eastern European Politics and Societies3Spring
POLS34462 History and Politics of the Middle East...PL 365 History and Politics of the Middle East...3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34436 Institutions and Policies of the Europea...PL 315 Institutions and Policies of the Europea...3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34222 International Organizations PL 212International Organizations3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34435 Italian Politics and Society PL 215 Italian Politics and Society 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34415 Latin American Politics and Society PL 345 Latin American Politics and Society  3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34493 Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Integration...PL 370 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Integration i...3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34494Political Development in the Third World...PL 340 Political Development in the Third World...3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34432 Public International Law PL 320 Public International Law 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34233 The Political Economy of Globalization PL 360  The Political Economy of Globalization 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS34464 Western European Politics PL 250 Western European Politics 3Fall/ Spring 
POLS 34284Human RightsPL 324Human Rights3Sping
POLS 34271International Diplomacy and the UNPL 372International Diplomacy and the UN3Sping
PSY34310 Abnormal Psychology PS 254 Abnormal Psychology 3Fall/ Spring 
PSY34400 Cognitive Psychology PS 307 Cognitive Psychology 3Fall/ Spring 
PSY34660 Developmental Psychology PS 221 Child Development3Fall/ Spring 
PSY24000 Introductory Psychology PS 101 General Psychology 3Fall/ Spring 
PSY44366 Psychology of Sports PS 350Sports Psychology3Fall/ Spring 
PSY34600 Social Psychology PS 334 Social Psychology 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34320 Advanced Composition IT 302 Advanced Composition 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34540 Advanced Italian Language Through Theate...IT 305 Advanced Italian Language Through Theate...3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT14102 Beginning Italian II IT 102 Introductory Italian II 4Fall/ Spring 
ROIT14101 Beginning Italian I IT 101Beginning Italian I 3 or 4 Fall/ Spring 
ROIT24500 Conversation & Composition IT 301 Conversation and Composition 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT24215 Intensive Intermediate Italian IT 203 Intensive Italian II 6Fall/ Spring 
ROIT24202 Intermediate Italian II: Italian Writing...IT 202 Intermediate Italian II 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT24201 Intermediate Italian I IT 201 Intermediate Italian I 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34710 Intro to Italian Lit I IT 320 Survey of Italian Literature I 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34720 Intro. to Italian Literature II IT 321 Survey of Italian Literature II 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34311Introduction to the Study of Italian Lit...IT310Introduction to the Study of Italian Lit...3Spring
ROIT34545 Italian Cinema since 1945 TH 241 Italian Cinema3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34340Italian Language Through LiteratureIT 309Italian Language Through Literature3Spring
ROIT34948 Modern Italian Drama IT 341 Modern Italian Drama 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34900Selected Topics in Italian Lit IT 317Roots of Italian Identities3Fall
ROIT34900 Selected Topics in Italian Lit IT 315Selected Topics in Italian Lit 3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT34901 Selected Topics: Italian Cultural Studie...IT 308The Seventies: Youth Culture and Politic...3Fall/ Spring 
ROIT44116 The Divine Comedy  IT 349 The Divine Comedy  3Fall/ Spring 
SOC14600Introduction to the Study of Religion RL 101 Introduction to the Study of Religion3Fall/ Spring 
SOC24015Rome: Modern CitySOC SCI 226Rome: Modern City3Fall
SOC24707Sociology of Mass Communication SOC SCI 251 Sociology of Mass Communication 3Fall/ Spring 
SOC24103Sociology of Southern ItalySOC SCI 225Sociology of Southern Italy3Spring
THEO34205Eastern Christianity: Unity and Diversit...RL 222Eastern Christianity: Unity and Diversit...3Spring
THEO34701Greek Myth and ReligionRL 288 Religion in the Greco-Roman World 3Fall/ Spring 
THEO34204 History of the Catholic Church RL 221 The History of Christianity 3Fall/ Spring 
THEO24236Living the Good LifeRL 224Living the Good Life: Theories in Religi...3Spring
THEO24225Mystic, Saints, and Sinners: Studies in...RL 225Mystic, Saints, and Sinners: Studies in...3Fall/ Spring 
THEO24226Mystic, Saints, and Sinners: Studies in...RL 225Mystic, Saints, and Sinners: Studies in...4Fall/Spring
THEO24208 Pathways of Faith RL 254 Pathways of Faith 3Fall/ Spring 

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