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Key: 2P = 2nd Philosophy; 2T = 2nd Theology; FA = Fine Arts;
H = History; L = Literature; S = Social Science

DisciplineND Course #ND Course DescriptionHost Univ. #Host Univ. TitleCreditTermReq.
ACCT34601Accountancy in the United Kingdom34601Accountancy in the United Kingdom3Spring
AL24003Fulbright Internship24003Fulbright Internship3Fall / Spring
AL24002International Internship24002International Internship3Fall / Spring
AL34406London Honors Seminar34406London Honors Seminar1Fall
AME34314Differential Equations34314Differential Equations3Fall
AME34331Fluid Mechanics34331Fluid Mechanics3Fall
AME54631Molecular Thermodynamics54631Molecular Thermodynamics3Fall
AMST34104Anglo-American Journalism34104Anglo-American Journalism3Spring
AMST44905News Internship44905News InternshipVariableFall / Spring
ANTH34751Archaeology and EthicsArchaeology and Ethics3Fall / Spring
ANTH34361Global London with Global London Semina...34361Global London with Global London Semina...3Fall / Spring
ANTH34230Global Medicine34230Global Medicine3Fall
ARHI34523Archaeology and Ethics34523Archaeology and Ethics3Fall / Spring
ARHI34487London and the Visual Arts3
ARHI34489London as Art Capital34489London as Art Capital3Fall
ARHI34570Masterpieces: Making and Meaning34570Masterpieces: Making and Meaning3Fall/Spring
ARHI34419The English Garden and Landscape34419The English Garden and Landscape3Fall
BAUG34500International Internship34500International InternshipVariableFall / Spring
BAUG34238The UK Economy and Financial System 34238The UK Economy and Financial System 3Fall / Spring
BIOS34344Vertebrate (Human)Physiology34344Vertebrate (Human)Physiology3Fall
CSC34604Catholic Social Teaching34604Catholic Social Teaching3Fall / Spring
CSC44100Special Studies: Catholic Social Traditi...44100Special Studies: Catholic Social Traditi...3Fall / Spring
CSE34321 (with 34322)Computer Architecture I with Computer Ar...34321 (with 34322)Computer Architecture I with Computer Ar...4Fall
CSE34331Data Structures34331Data Structures3Fall
EALC54511Advanced Chinese taken abroad54511Advanced Chinese taken abroadVariableFall / Spring
ECON34950Special Studies34950Special StudiesVariableFall / Spring
ECON34774The UK Economy and Financial System 34774The UK Economy and Financial System 3Fall / Spring
EE34344Signals & Systems I34344Signals & Systems I3Fall
EG44176Ethical and Legal Aspects of Engineering44176Ethical and Legal Aspects of Engineering3Fall
ENGL34111British Literary Traditions II 34111British Literary Traditions II 3Fall / Spring
ENGL44320Global Romanticisms: Cultural Revolution...44320Global Romanticisms: Cultural Revolution...3Fall/Spring
ENGL24325Gothic Literature24325Gothic Literature3Fall / Spring
ENGL44420London Writers44420London Writers3Fall/Spring
ENGL44308Rites of Passage British Literature3Fall
ENGL44236Shakespeare in London : Then and Now44236Shakespeare in London : Then and Now3Fall / Spring
ENGL44999Special Topics44999Special TopicsVariableFall / Spring
ESS34350Developmental Disabilities : Integrating...34350Developmental Disabilities : Integratin...3Fall/Spring
ESS44351Influences on Early Social and Cognitive...44351Influences on Early Social and Cognitive...3Fall / Spring
FIN34220Macroeconomic Analysis34220Macroeconomic Analysis3Fall / Spring
FTT44300London Television Internship44300London Television InternshipVariableFall / Spring
FTT24025London as Theatre Centre24025London as Theatre Centre3Fall / Spring
FTT44501Media Internship44501Media InternshipVariableFall / Spring
FTT44702Playing Shakespeare44702Playing Shakespeare3Fall/Spring
FTT44235Seeing Britain on Screen44235Seeing Britain on Screen3Fall/Spring
FTT24024Shakespeare in London : Then and Now24024Shakespeare in London : Then and Now3Fall / Spring
GE14111Beginning German, Culture and Language14111Beginning German, Culture and Language3Spring
GSC44255London Writers44255London Writers3Fall/Spring
HESB24200Philosophy of Law24200Philosophy of Law3Fall/Spring
HIST3441217th Century England3441317th Century England3Fall
HIST34035Global History: The World Since c. 1500...34035Global History: The World Since c. 1500...3Spring
HIST24220Inside London : Local/Global1Fall/Spring
HIST34419Nineteenth Century British History : The...34419Nineteenth Century British History : The...3Fall
HIST44050Special studies44050Special studiesVariableFall / Spring
HIST34414The British Empire 1760 - 1965: An Exerc...34414The British Empire 1760 - 1965: An Exerc...3Fall/Spring
HIST34410The English Civil War (1640-1660) 34410The English Civil War (1640-1660) 3Fall/Spring
HIST34411Tudor England: Politics and Honor34411Tudor England: Politics and Honor3Fall
HIST34420Twentieth Century British History 34420Twentieth Century British History 3Spring
IIPS34513Comparative Conflict Regulation: Israel/...34513Comparative Conflict Regulation: Israel/...3Fall/Spring
IIPS44501Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...44501Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...3Fall / Spring
IRST44413Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...44413Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...3Fall / Spring
JED34104Anglo-American Journalism 34104Anglo-American Journalism 3Spring
JED44301News Internship44301News Internship3Fall / Spring
MARK34600Marketing Planning for Growth34600Marketing Planning for Growth3Spring
MATH34810Honors Algebra III34810Honors Algebra III3Fall / Spring
MATH44844Measure Theory / Probability44844Measure Theory / Probability3Fall / Spring
MEAR14210Modern Standard Arabic I14210Modern Standard Arabic I3-4Fall / Spring
MEAR24200Modern Standard Arabic II24200Modern Standard Arabic II3-4Fall / Spring
MUS14390Music Performance14390Music PerformanceVariableFall / Spring
MUS14160Music in London14160Music in London3Fall / Spring
MUS34900Special Studies34900Special StudiesVariableFall / Spring
PHIL24408Philosophy of Law24408Philosophy of Law3Fall/Spring
PHIL24801The Philosophy of Religion24801The Philosophy of Religion3Fall / Spring
PHIL44425The Philosophy of Religion44425The Philosophy of Religion3Fall / Spring
PHIL24320Themes in British Philosophy24320Themes in British Philosophy3Fall / Spring
PHYS34210Physics I34210Physics I3Fall
PLS34102Great Books Seminar IV34102Great Books Seminar IV4Spring
POLS34557Comparative Conflict Regulation: Israel/...34557Comparative Conflict Regulation: Israel/...3Fall/Spring
POLS34424Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...34424Ethnic Conflict Regulation in Ireland an...3Fall / Spring
POLS34906Parliamentary Internship34906Parliamentary InternshipVariableFall / Spring
POLS34530Politics in a Global World: Comparing an...34530Politics in a Global World: Comparing an...3
POLS34440The Government and Politics of Britain 34440The Government and Politics of Britain3Fall / Spring
PSY44370Developmental Disabilities : Integrating...44370Developmental Disabilities : Integrating...3Fall/Spring
PSY44272Developmental Disabilities: Integrating...3Fall/Spring
PSY44350Influences on Early Social and Cognitive...44350Influences on Early Social and Cognitive...3Fall / Spring
SCPP34313Global Medicine34313Global Medicine3Fall
SOC24720Developmental Disabilities : Integrating...24720Developmental Disabilities : Integrating...3Fall/Spring
SOC24501Global London with Global London Seminar24501Global London with Global London Seminar3Fall / Spring
SOC24501/ANTH 34361London: A Global City24501/ANTH 34361London: A Global City3Fall
SOC44500Sociology Internship44500Sociology InternshipvariableFall/Spring
STV34230Global Medicine34230Global Medicine3Fall
STV34119The English Garden and Landscape34119The English Garden and Landscape3Fall
THEO24801Case Studies in the Development of Chris...24801Case Studies in the Development of Chris...3Fall / Spring
THEO44801Case Studies in the Development of Chris...44801Case Studies in the Development of Chris...3
THEO34605Catholic Social Teaching34605Catholic Social Teaching3Fall / Spring
THEO44402Christian Initiation and Eucharist44402Christian Initiation and Eucharist3Fall/Spring
THEO24406Christian Initiation and EucharistChristian Initiation and Eucharist3Fall/Spring
THEO24813Christianity and Islam24813Christianity and Islam3Fall / Spring
THEO24205Christianity in Britain - past and prese...24205Christianity in Britain - past and prese...3Fall/Spring
THEO24209Creation: Traditional Doctrine and Conte...24209Creation: Traditional Doctrine and Conte...3Spring
THEO44822Ecumenical Dialogue44822Ecumenical Dialogue3Fall / Spring
THEO44206English and European Spirituality44206English and European Spirituality3Fall
THEOTHEO 24217English and European SpiritualityTHEO 24217English and European Spirituality3Fall
THEO24842Sin, Grace, and Free Will24842Sin, Grace, and Free Will3Spring/Summer
THEO44001Special Studies44001Special Studies3Fall / Spring
THEOxxxxxThe Holy Spirit in Belief and ExperiencexxxxxThe Holy Spirit in Belief and Experience3Fall/Spring
THEO24216The Passion of Christ in European Theolo...24216The Passion of Christ in European Theolo...3Fall

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