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Key: 2P = 2nd Philosophy; 2T = 2nd Theology; FA = Fine Arts;
H = History; L = Literature; S = Social Science

DisciplineND Course #ND Course DescriptionHost Univ. #Host Univ. TitleCreditTermReq.
BAUG44139Chinese Investment BankingBJACS IB3Spring
BAUG44140Doing Business in ChinaBJACS DBCDoing Business in China4Spring
BAUG34118Intercultural CommunicationCOMM 3001/3002; CBEJ/BUSI 3004Intercultural Communication / Intercultu...3Spring
BAUG34260Tax Law and Tax Planning BJACS TLTATax Law and Taxation Accounting3Spring
EALC34606A General Survey on ChinaCHIN 3122 A General Survey on China3Spring
EALC54131Advanced Chinese CharactersBJICL ADVCHCHAFChinese Characters: Advanced1.5Spring
EALC54132Advanced Chinese WritingBJICL ADVWRAdvanced Writing3Spring
EALC54126Advanced Newspaper ReadingsCHIN 3109 Advanced Newspaper Readings3Fall
EALC34304Analysis on Errors in Chinese Learning--...Analysis on Errors in Chinese Learning--...3Spring
EALC54191Business Chinese: AdvancedBJICL ADVBUSCHBusiness Chinese3Spring
EALC34705Business Chinese: IntermediateBJICL INBUSCHBusiness Chinese: Intermediate3Fall/Spring
EALC24132Chinese CharactersCHIN 2108 Chinese Characters1.5Spring
EALC34402Chinese Characters: IntermediateBJICL INTCHCHARChinese Characters: Intermediate3Fall
EALC54141Chinese Cinema and Listening Comprehensi...CHIN 3005 Chinese Cinema and Listening Comprehensi...3Fall/ Spring
EALC34604Chinese CultureCHIN 3110 Chinese Culture3Spring
EALC34305Chinese GrammarCHIN 3101 Chinese Grammar3Fall
EALC34303Chinese Grammar: IntermediateINCHGRChinese Grammar: Intermediate3Spring
EALC34015Chinese Language and Culture PracticumCHIN 3005 CBEJLanguage Practicum1Fall/Spring
EALC54103Chinese VocabularyCHIN 3116 Chinese Vocabulary3Spring
EALC54122Classical ChineseCHIN 3103 Classical Chinese3Fall
EALC54125Classical PoetryCHIN 3107 Classical Poetry1.5Fall
EALC34607Contemporary Chinese LiteratureCHIN 3114 Contemporary Chinese Literature3Spring
EALC34105Cultural Lecture SeriesCHIN 3118 Cultural Lecture Series1.5Spring
EALC24113English-Chinese TranslationCHIN 2103 English-Chinese Translation3Fall
EALC34307English-Chinese Translation: AdvancedADVTRANEnglish-Chinese Translation: Advanced3Spring
EALC34301Explanation of Chinese Characters and Wo...3Fall
EALC54102Function WordsCHIN 3105 Function Words3Fall
EALC44301Function Words: AdvancedCHIN 3105; BJICL ADVFWFunction Words: Advanced3Fall
EALC34703Government and Politics of ChinaPOLI 3002Government and Politics of China3Spring
EALC34001Home with Kids-- A Multi-skill Chinese C...BJICL MLTHMKIDSHome with Kids-- A Multi-skill Chinese C...3Spring
EALC34101Intermediate Listening and ComprehensionCHIN 2101 Intermediate Listening and Comprehension1.5Fall
EALC34203Intermediate Reading ComprehensionCHIN 2105 Intermediate Reading Comprehension3Fall
EALC34401Intermediate WritingCHIN 2106 Intermediate Writing3Spring
EALC54113Japanese-Chinese TranslationCHIN 3102Japanese-Chinese Translation3Spring
EALC44306Japanese-Chinese Translation: AdvancedADVJCHINJapanese-Chinese Translation: Advanced3Spring
EALC54113Language and Cultural CommunicationCHIN 3006Language and Cultural Communication3Fall/ Spring
EALC24100Listening in ChineseCHIN 2005 Listening in Chinese-Elementary3Fall/ Spring
EALC34100Listening in Chinese-IntermediateListening in Chinese-Intermediate3Fall/Spring
EALC44701Movie Chinese: AdvancedMOVCMovie Chinese: Advanced3Spring
EALC34123Newspaper ReadingsCHIN 2104 Newspaper Readings3Spring
EALC24301PronunciationCHIN 2102 Pronunciation1.5Spring
EALC34302Pronunciation: IntermediateBJICL INTPRPronunciation: Intermediate1.5Fall/Spring
EALC44203Readings in Chinese – Advanced I, Part...BJICL ADV1READCReadings in Chinese – Advanced I4.5Spring
EALC34204Readings in Chinese--High Intermediate,...HINTREADCReadings in Chinese--High Intermediate6Spring
EALC44201Readings in Chinese: Advanced IBJICL ADV1READCReadings in Chinese: Advanced I4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC44202Readings in Chinese: Advanced IIBJICL ADV2READCReadings in Chinese: Advanced II4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC24201Readings in Chinese: ElementaryCHIN 1001Readings in Chinese: Elementary6Fall/ Spring
EALC34202Readings in Chinese: High IntermediateCHIN 2002 Readings in Chinese: High Intermediate6Fall/ Spring
EALC34201Readings in Chinese: IntermediateCHIN 2001 Readings in Chinese: Intermediate6Fall/ Spring
EALC54123Readings in Classical ChineseCHIN 3104Readings in Classical Chinese3Spring
EALC54124Readings in Modern LiteratureCHIN 3106 Readings in Modern Literature3Spring
EALC54201Selected Readings in Chinese NewspapersBJACS SELECSelected Readings in Chinese Newspapers3Spring
EALC44102Spoken Chinese – Advanced I, Part IIBJICL ADV1SPCSpoken Chinese – Advanced I4.5Spring
EALC44101Spoken Chinese: Advanced ICHIN 3003 Spoken Chinese: Advanced I4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC54112Spoken Chinese: Advanced IICHIN 3004 Spoken Chinese: Advanced II4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC24101Spoken Chinese: ElementaryCHIN 1003Spoken Chinese: Elementary6Fall/ Spring
EALC34103Spoken Chinese: High IntermediateCHIN 2004 Spoken Chinese: High Intermediate4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC34102Spoken Chinese: IntermediateCHIN 2003 Spoken Chinese: Intermediate4.5Fall/ Spring
EALC34702Survey of Chinese Culture and Modern Chi...EAST 3005Survey of Chinese Culture and Modern Chi...3Spring
EALC34702Survey of Chinese Culture and Modern Chi...EAST 3005Survey of Chinese Culture and Modern Chi...3Fall/Spring
HIST34151A History of U.S.-China Relations Since...EAST 3002A History of U.S.-China Relations Since...3Spring
HIST34160Modern Chinese History & CultureSurvey of Chinese Culture and Modern Chi...3Fall/Spring
LLEA34701Beijing: Microcosm of Modern ChinaBeijing: Microcosm of Modern China3Fall/Spring
LLEA34604Chinese CultureCHIN 3110Chinese Culture3Spring
LLEA34802Ethnic Diversity and Identity in ChinaEAST 3001 BESC / ANTH 3002 BESCEthnic Diversity and Identity in China3Fall
LLEA34603Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern L...EAST 3101 Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern L...1.5Fall
LLEA34706Tutorial for Advanced Research and Writi...CHIN 3001Tutorial for Advanced Research and Writi...1
PHIL24219Chinese Philosophy and Modern ChinaRELI 3001 CBEJChinese Philosophy and Modern China3Fall/Spring
POLS34289Foreign Policy AnalysisBJACS DMFPTPForeign Policy Analysis3Spring
POLS44571Intercultural CommunicationCOMM 3001/3002; CBEJ/BUSI 3004Intercultural Communication / Intercultu...3Fall
POLS34288Political Economy of East AsiaBJACS PEEAPolitical Economy of East Asia3Spring
POLS34492Special Topics: Chinese PoliticsPOLI 3002 CBEJGovernment and Politics of China3Fall

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