Course Detail for PHIL 24203

LocationDublin, Ireland (UCD)
ND Course Number24203
ND Course TitleDeath and Dying
Host University NumberPHIL 30040
Host University TitleContemporary Moral Theories and Life and Death Issues
Course Description

The first purpose of this module is to examine the main principles and tenets of current moral theories: emotivism, relativism, consequentialism, deontologism, and virtue naturalism. The theories are then considered 'in action' as embedded in practices and debates of today's life-and-death biomedical issues, such as brain-death, euthanasia, generation in vitro, cloning, and the idea of ethical medicine. The notions of 'human being' and 'moral action' are critically examined.

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notes
University Requirement

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