Course Detail for POLS 44524

LocationDublin, Ireland (UCD)
ND Course Number44524
ND Course TitleIndigenous Rights
Host University NumberPOL 30270
Host University TitleIndegenous Rights
Course Description

In this module students are introduced to the political and legal arguments for the recognition and protection of the rights of Indigenous peoples. The objective is not only to understand the political, philosophical and legal language of Indigenous rights with a view to engaging in advocacy and debates that promote those rights, but also to think critically about these ideas and their institutional configurations. Areas investigated include comparative studies of settler-colonial societies and cases arising in these contexts including; the recognition of cultural rights and customary law, land rights and native title rights and legislation, rights and institutions of self-government, Indigenous land use agreements and joint management strategies, and economic enterprise agreements, and social and political development frameworks and practices.

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notes
University Requirement

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