Course Detail for ARHI 34419

LocationLondon, United Kingdon
ND Course Number34419
ND Course TitleThe English Garden and Landscape
Host University Number34419
Host University TitleThe English Garden and Landscape
Course DescriptionOffered Fall 2010 only. Open to students in any major and meeting once-weekly in a double-session class to enable visits to many of London's significant gardens, this course explores English attitudes towards and interactions with plants between the seventeenth and nineteenth-centuries through a discussion of developments in garden design, painting, literature and the sciences. We will consider the important ideological role played by concepts of landscape in the development of political institutions, international networks and social structures. The interdisciplinary nature of this course will be of interest for students pursuing a range of majors and minors including history, art history, gender studies and STV. Students will keep a descriptive journal recording various plants encountered around London, writing an account of observations as if were presenting them to a curious student back at Notre Dame. These remarks should consider aesthetic questions (e.g. How have the plants been arranged? Do you find them appealing to look at? Are they fragrant, etc.?) scientific or practical questions (e.g. Under what conditions have they been grown? Do any exhibit different characteristics than the same species grown in a different location? ) and social or historical questions (e.g. Where, when and why do you think they were planted? Have they been well cared for? What uses do they serve?).We will visit several museums and historical gardens over the course of the semester. All students will select one artifact from our visits to analyze as primary evidence within a descriptive-historical paper, demonstrating your ability to establish appropriate historical context for this material, and to accurately describe the object for a reader who presumably has not seen it. A further research paper is also required.
University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
University Requirement

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