Course Detail for ESS 44351

LocationLondon, United Kingdon
ND Course Number44351
ND Course TitleInfluences on Early Social and Cognitive Development
Host University Number44351
Host University TitleInfluences on Early Social and Cognitive Development
Course DescriptionThis course examines social and cognitive development (and more importantly, the links between them) over the first six years of life. In developing an understanding of how a young child comes to understand her world and the people in it, we will look at influences as diverse as genetics and environment, family and sibling relations, friendships and starting school. Students will have the opportunity to see videos of British children at various stages in their socio-cognitive development, and will learn about the importance of individual differences in understanding development. We will also take a brief look at development in children facing demanding social and/or cognitive challenges, such as deafness, autism, hyperactivity and giftedness.
University Credit3
TermFall / Spring
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesMinors only Same as : PSY 44350 Qualifies for the International Business Certificate : Liberal Arts (IBCL) Course fees: Student accounts will be charged up to £10 for photocopying, performances, required field trips and/or travel for this course.
University Requirement

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