Course Detail for THEO 34605

LocationLondon, United Kingdon
ND Course Number34605
ND Course TitleCatholic Social Teaching
Host University Number34605
Host University TitleCatholic Social Teaching
Course DescriptionThis semester-long internship in Catholic social teaching comprises two parts: (1) practical work experience in campaigning for social justice through a network of inner-city Catholic parishes in London (2) six one-on-one tutorials providing an introduction to the social teaching of the Catholic Church. The practical work experience of this internship is arranged through London Citizens, a charitable organization working mostly through Catholic parishes in London devoted to building community in London's poorest neighbourhoods. Its goal is to bring people into a mutually beneficial working relationship to pursue the common good. It seeks to identify problems in neighbourhoods and then offers the appropriate training to develop leadership skills at the grass-roots level to promote change. Each intern will be placed in a Catholic parish and given the task of helping the parish priest to develop a leadership team in a parish which campaigns for issues of social justice. This practical work experience is supplemented by a series of academic tutorials in which students will read primary and secondary material on Catholic social teachings. These tutorials provide the intellectual framework for the internship.
University Credit3
TermFall / Spring
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesLondon Undergraduate Program permission required. Application before departure. Same as : CSC 34604 Qualifies for the International Business Certificate : Liberal Arts (IBCL)
University Requirement

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