Course Detail for THEO 44801

LocationLondon, United Kingdon
ND Course Number44801
ND Course TitleCase Studies in the Development of Christian Doctrine
Host University Number44801
Host University TitleCase Studies in the Development of Christian Doctrine
Course DescriptionBecause Christian doctrine did not arise ready-made during Jesus' lifetime, and successive generations of Christians have gradually worked out what they believed - frequently in response to situations or problems arising in the Church or claims made about Christian faith that were deemed erroneous - this course uses test-case format to introduce some of the central theological questions that have arisen within Christian communities, from the first century of the common era through the present day. Assignments include reading and evaluating a variety of primary material (in translation) that present the Church's teaching about Christ, salvation, justification, theodicy, cosmology, the interpretation of Scripture, and the Church itself. Care is taken to distinguish what comes to be understood as "orthodox," "schismatic," or "heretical" so that students will discern not only each side's position, but also what each objected to in their opponents' positions. Lectures and class discussion explore contemporary and on-going implications, and hence provide the students with the means to apply their knowledge afterwards. Theological terminology and the contributions of major figures in Church history are constantly quizzed and synthesized. Assessment includes writing in nearly every class, participation in group and class discussion, and a final examination. This course is the same as THEO 24801, but additional work will be required.
University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesNo longer offered. Taught only in some semesters. Majors only (PHTH, THE2, THEO) Prerequisites: THEO 10001 or THEO 13183 or THEO 20001 or THEO 20002 Cannot have taken CST 20830 or THEO 20830
University Requirement

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