Course Detail for ANTH 24381

LocationPerth, Australia
ND Course Number24381
ND Course TitleAborignal Art & Society
Host University NumberANTH 2902
Host University TitleAustralian Aborignal Art & Society
Course Description

This unit is offered in partnership with the Berndt Museum of Anthropology and the School of Indigenous Studies. It introduces students to the anthropology of Australian Aboriginal visual art, focusing on various anthropological approaches to understanding the productions of individual artists within their respective socio-cultural contexts. Frameworks derived from the sub-disciplines of visual anthropology, cultural anthropology, the new museology and the anthropology of art provide analytical structure for approaching an understanding of Australian Aboriginal art within the broader Australian post-colonial setting. Several local Aboriginal artists and commentators participate in the unit as guest lecturers. Topics addressed may include rock art as a living tradition; regional perspectives and stylistic values; art and the transmission of culture; art and its relationship to land; cultural creativity and the maintenance of religious knowledge; art and the emergence of new identities; respecting cultural values; and appropriation and copyright.

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notes
University RequirementSocial Science

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