Course Detail for CE 34500

LocationPerth, Australia
ND Course Number34500
ND Course TitleField Course: Engineering Technical Elective
Host University NumberMECH2499
Host University TitleField Course: Engineering Technical Elective
Course Description

This course presents an innovative approach to education for engineering and science undergraduate students that involves industrial participation through a mini internship. It is not expected that industry shoulder the responsibility of educating our students, but rather that a co-operative agreement be entered into between the student and the company such that the company receives a useful research report and the student gains invaluable field experience. Students will be involved in monitoring responsibilities and/or gathering data relating to operations and ongoing site management, including environmental activities. Students will undertake projects that will be relatively small in scope yet are important to the company but have not been undertaken because of lack of staff availability. Students will be given, where possible, projects in line with their expertise (i.e., engineering, geology, environmental, etc.).

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notescrosslisted as ENVG 34500; EETE-EE Technical Elective
University Requirement

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