Course Detail for ECON 34531

LocationPerth, Australia
ND Course Number34531
ND Course TitleHistory, Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas
Host University NumberOGEG 2500
Host University TitleHistory, Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas
Course DescriptionThis unit is an extensive examination of the growth and development of the oil and gas industry. It begins with a historical account of the first production of oil in the USA and the oil rushes that followed. The rise of the major American oil companies is described. The development of the industry outside the USA is then discussed, leading to oil and gas as a global industry and the rise of multinational oil companies. The role of the global struggle for oil in the wars of the twentieth century is documented as well as the formation and history of OPEC, and the historical development of petroleum engineering and technology. The economic impact and operation of the oil and gas industry is examined through a number of case studies, to be developed as assignments. They include, but are not limited to: the North Sea and its impact on the UK and Norwegian economies; the development of the Nigerian oil and gas fields; Southeast Asian fields and the impact of their development on countries in the region; the Northwest Shelf and its impact on the Australian economy; the issues and considerations of the operation of national, state-owned oil companies vis-a-vis private enterprise companies; the importance of the Middle East, and especially Saudi Arabia, for world supply. These studies also consider the accompanying political settings and policy decisions in each case.
University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesEETE-EE Technical Elective
University Requirement

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