Course Detail for HIST 34976

LocationPerth, Australia
ND Course Number34976
ND Course TitleAboriginal History
Host University Numbern/a
Host University Titlen/a
Course Description

This unit is an introduction to the contested historical realities of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia. It provides a sound base for students intending to do further studies within Australian and international contexts as a preparation for vocational studies and as a lead into HIST2263 Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and HIST3363 Aboriginal Ways of Knowing. Historical aspects of the British Empire and postcolonial, economic, social and cultural life in Australia, as well as ideas and methods underpinning historical and recent interpretations of events and peoples, are studied. The unit looks at the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have seen and experienced Australian history, and been constructed within British-Australian terms, ideas and perceptions. The reality of the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is best known by them, yet usually only the voices of non-indigenous 'experts' are heard. Participants are asked to 'see the hidden, hear the silence and hold the memory'. The unit provides essential background to the High Court's 1992 Mabo decision, the subsequent legislation on Native Title, the 1996 WIK judgement and the issues.

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notes
University RequirementHistory

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