Course Detail for MGTI 44612

LocationPerth, Australia
ND Course Number44612
ND Course TitleJava Programming
Host University NumberCITS 1200
Host University TitleJava Programming
Course DescriptionThis unit covers the most fundamental portions of the Java programming language, focusing strongly on the language structures and techniques needed to write well-structured programs in the object-oriented paradigm. In particular, the process of developing appropriate classes, objects and methods to solve simple computational problems underlies the entire unit. Core computer programming topics such as the use of variables, primitive and reference data types, expressions, control structures involving selection and repetition, method decomposition and parameter passing are all covered in this context. Algorithmic techniques such as iteration, recursion and sorting, along with programming practices such as error-handling, testing, debugging and documentation are introduced. A strong focus is placed on the practical application of these concepts and techniques to produce working programs in computer laboratories. The rationale for using the object-oriented paradigm, and in particular the language Java, is covered in detail. No prior knowledge of computing or programming is assumed.
University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special Notes
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