Course Detail for POLS 34492

LocationBeijing, China
ND Course Number34492
ND Course TitleSpecial Topics: Chinese Politics
Host University NumberPOLI 3002 CBEJ
Host University TitleGovernment and Politics of China
Course DescriptionThis course is an introduction to contemporary politics of China, which mainly addresses current policy making issues in Chinese government. The course will review briefly the pre-reform government policy and structure in a beginning class session, and then start addressing current policy making issues. The class focus will be on the last 20 years of the reform period in Chinese policy-making issues. The goal of the course is to let students familiarize themselves with the basic issues of the policy process in China today and gain a better understanding of the changing scenarios of policy-making processes in different areas and relevant to questions such as How do Chinese political institutions operate? How are Chinese political leaders chosen? How are policies made? Etc. Desired learning outcomes of the course would be that students should be able to 1) Identify major issues of government policy and structure; 2) Understand and recount the objective conditions and cultural constructs that lie at the root of Chinese policy issues and decision making processes; 3) Identify the essence of the policies now being followed; and 4) develop analytic skills in explaining political practices in China.
University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesCross-listed as EALC 34703
University Requirement

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