Course Detail for ECON 34010

LocationDublin, Ireland (UCD)
ND Course Number34010
ND Course TitleMicroeconomics I
Host University NumberECON 20010
Host University TitleIntermediate Microeconomics
Course Description

ECON 20010 Microeconomics I at UCD; In this course, students represent the basic ideas about markets, about the demand and supply of goods, in a mathematical manner that will allow them to solve more complex problems. Students will examine the various issues and concepts through diagrams, but the main focus will be on students making the link between the concepts and the mathematical representation of these concepts. The course will examine the derivation of individual and market demand. The behavior of firms and the derivation of firm and market supply curves will then be introduced. Different market structures will be examined towards the end of the course. The aim of this course is to give students the conceptual basis and the necessary tools for understanding modern microeconomics. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of basic microeconomic theory of consumer and firm behavior. Students will have a clear understanding of the assumptions behind these microeconomic models and of the techniques used to analyze them.

University Credit3
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesTitle for ECON 20010 changed from Intermediate Microeconomics to Microeconomics I in 2012-13.
University Requirement

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