Omar Lizardo

Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Notre Dame

Address: Department of Sociology University of Notre Dame, 810 Flanner Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556

Courses recently taught at Notre Dame

Sociology 43197 (Undegraduate), Culture, Morality, and Society (Spring 2014): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Sociology 30900 (Undergraduate), Foundations of Sociological Theory (Spring 2014): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Sociology 33191 (Undergraduate), Consumer Culture and the Culture(s) of Consumption (Fall 2013): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Sociology 63922 (Graduate), Contemporary Theory (Fall 2014): [syllabus] [Reading Schedule]

Sociology 63901 (Graduate), Social Networks (Spring 2013): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Sociology 63917 (Graduate), Cognitive Sociology (Spring 2012): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Sociology 63911 (Graduate), Classical Social Theory (Fall 2011): [syllabus] [reading schedule]

Reading lists

Sociology 63911: Classical Social Theory (Graduate Reading List)

Bibliographies (BibTeX format)

Books and articles authored by Bourdieu [bib]

Articles and book chapters about classical social theory [bib]

Stata programs

Program to fit the Sobel-Hout-Duncan (1985) paremeterization of the model of quasi-symmetry. [pdf]

Program to fit gaussian, logit and poisson regression models that incorporate Sobel's (1981) non-linear parameterization of "status inconsistency" effects for two identically coded independent variables R and C (Sobel refers to these models as "diagonal reference models"). [pdf]