Wendy, born Mexican and sent to Iraq at 19, saw the hell of war in a combat support hospital; Jason lives with his medication, his refuge in songs, his poignant lyrics and haunting voice; the angel-faced Ryan's rage and deep political about-turn; Lisa, a police officer in one of America's roughest neighborhoods of Chicago, traumatized by her presence at Abu Ghraib; David served 13 years in the Army and 13 years in the Navy as a commissioned officer. He had eight combat tours and retired after his last one in Iraq in 2006; Vinny's multiple lives, torn between loyalty to the Marines and disgust with what he saw and was ordered to do.

This film is haunted: by the figure of an "unknown soldier," Jeff, who incarnates the 23 veterans who commit suicide every day in a (still) scandalous relative indifference in American today.

Olivier Morel, Director
A Zadig Productions-Arte France Film, 2011