Each year, a group of outstanding graduating seniors is recognized through election as Members in Course. These members sign the chapter log book and are inducted into the society on Saturday of Graduation Weekend.

In addition to recognizing the accomplishments of graduating seniors,  the Notre Dame chapter of Phi Beta Kappa brings eminent speakers to campus for talks and interaction with undergraduate students. 

Trevor Pinch of Cornell University, Professor of Science and Technology Studies and Sociology, visited in February of 2012.  He spoke on the social nature of science, new music technology and an online musical community.

In April 2007 Prof. Ray DeMallie, Chancellor’s Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University, whose area of interest is the culture, history, and society of Plains Indians. 

In 2005-06, the guest lecturer was Prof. Laura H. Greene of the University of Illinois.  In addition to formal talks in her area of expertise (superconductivity) she also discussed academic career paths with physics majors and demonstrated superconductive materials at a pizza luncheon attended by everyone from freshmen to emeritus philosophy faculty. 

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is for life. Phi Beta Kappa is a national organization which sponsors scholarships, awards, and fellowships;  it also publishes the Key Reporter, a quarterly newsletter which is sent to all members.  Members who work at universities or colleges which have chapters of Phi Beta Kappa are invited to affiliate with these chapters as resident members and participate in chapter activities;  in addition, there are over 58 alumni associations in different parts of the country which bring together PBK members of all ages for cultural, educational, or philanthropic purposes. 



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