Patricia Blanchette

Dept. of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556


I am a philosopher in the Philosophy Department at the University of Notre Dame. I work on issues that arise at the intersection of these three areas:

  • Philosophy of Logic;
  • Foundations of Analytic Philosophy; and
  • Philosophy of Mathematics



Here's a brief 

Here's my recently-published book:

Frege's Conception of Logic, Oxford University Press 2012

Review by Øystein Linnebo in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews:

Review by Roy Cook: Philosophia Mathematica (2014) 22 (1) 108-120

Review by Aldo Antonelli: Bulletin of Symbolic Logic vol 19 (2) pp 219-222

Some Papers:

  • "Frege", forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth Century German Philosophy, M. Forster and K. Gjesdal (eds). Penultimate version here.
  • "Axioms in Frege," forthcoming in Essays on Frege's Basic Laws of Arithmetic, M. Rossberg and P. Ebert (eds), Oxford University Press. Penultimate version here.
  • "Frege on Mathematical Progress," forthcoming in a volume on analytic philosophy edited by Sorin Costreie, Springer Verlag. Draft version here.
  • "Philosophy of Logic," forthcoming in Philosophy of Logic: 5 Questions, Automatic Press. Penultimate version here.
  • "Frege's Critique of 'Modern' Axioms," forthcoming in the Proceedings of the 3rd International Frege Conference, Wismar, 2013; Logos Verlag Berlin
  • "Frege on Formality and the 1906 Independence Test"
    • Forthcoming in Formalism and Beyond: On the Nature of Mathematical Discourse, G. Link (ed), Ontos Press
  • "From Logicism to Metatheory"
    • The Palgrave Centenary Companion to Principia Mathematica, B. Linsky and N. Griffin (eds), Palgrave Macmillan 2013, pp 59-78
  • "Frege on Shared Belief and Total Functions"
    • Journal of Philosophy vol CIX (Jan/Feb 2012)
  • "Frege on Consistency and Conceptual Analysis" Philosophia Mathematica 2007
  • "The Frege-Hilbert Controversy," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (first posted 2007)
  • "Mathematical Objects and Identity," Situating Semantics: Essays on the Philosophy of John Perry, M. O'Rourke and C. Wasington (eds), MIT Press 2007, pp 73-92
  • "Logical Consequence" - Blackwell Guide to Philosophical Logic 2001
  • "Models and Modality" - Synthese 2000
  • "Realism and Paradox," Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 41, 3 (2000) 227-241
  • "Relative Identity and Cardinality" - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1999
  • "Frege and Hilbert on Consistency" - Journal of Philosophy 1996
  • "Frege's Reduction" - History and Philosophy of Logic 1994


Some Recent Graduate Seminars:

  • Topics in Philosophy of Logic: Logical Pluralism
  • Topics in Philosophy of Logic: The Rise of First-Order Logic
  • Frege 
  • Logic in Metaphysics and Metaphysics in Logic
  • Contemporary Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Intermediate Logic
Some Recent Undergraduate Courses
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Honors Introduction to Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Origins of Analytic Philosophy