Next week, we will work on problems related to "complete search", that is trying out every possibility and testing them. Although brute-force search may feel wrong, sometimes the most straightforward solution is the best one. To perform a "complete search" we will need the ability to generate each combination and the ability to perform backtracking. These techniques will come in handy for solving Challenge 07 and Challenge 08.


The readings for this week are:

  1. Competitive Programmer's Handbook

    • Chapter 5 Complete Search


Once you have done the readings, answer the following Reading 04 Quiz questions:


To submit you work, follow the same process outlined in Reading 00:

$ git checkout master                 # Make sure we are in master branch
$ git pull --rebase                   # Make sure we are up-to-date with GitLab

$ git checkout -b reading04           # Create reading04 branch and check it out

$ cd reading04                        # Go into reading04 folder
$ $EDITOR answers.json                # Edit your answers.json file

$ ../.scripts/submit.py               # Check reading04 quiz
Submitting reading04 assignment ...
Submitting reading04 quiz ...
      Q1 0.50
      Q2 0.50
      Q3 0.50
      Q4 0.50
   Score 2.00

$ git add answers.json                # Add answers.json to staging area
$ git commit -m "Reading 04: Done"    # Commit work

$ git push -u origin reading04        # Push branch to GitLab

Remember to create a merge request and assign the appropriate TA from the Reading 04 TA List.