Past Conferences

The students of the Undergraduate Program in Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame have been organizing the annual Notre Dame Student Peace Conference for over two decades. The website for last year's conference can be accessed using the link below.

We are also working to digitize the archives of all the past conferences, all the way back to the earliest one. We will add this information as it becomes available, so please visit from time to time to view our progress and learn more about our history!

2016 Members of the Mosaic


2015 Persisting Challenges, New Frontiers

2014 Building Peace: Integrating Two Decades of Progress

2013 Fusion: Where Theory and Practice Meet

2012 Strategies of Peace: Transforming Conflict in the Modern World

2011 Partnering for Peace

2010 Invest in Peace: Uncovering the Practicality of Peacebuilding

2009 Perspectives of Peace

2008 Bringing Peace Down to Earth

2007 Unmask the Unknown: Understanding the Other, Discovering Ourselves

2006 Voices of Today, Changes for Tomorrow

2005 Crossing Boundaries in the Name of Peace

2004 Freedom from Fear: The Freedom of Peace

2003 Shadows of War — Visions of Peace

2002 Be the Change

2001 The Missing Peace

2000 2000 Roads to Peace

1999 The Personal and the Political: Exploring Beliefs, Values and Peacemaking

1998 Talking Across Boundaries: Cultures of Violence, Cultures of Peace

1997 A Day without Violence

1996 Celebrating Peace

1995 Building Peace

1994 Building Peace

1993 Building Peace