2014 CHEM 20204 Presentations/Reports

Full Name Topic Requested Communication Presentation Date
Fiorini, Taylor Impacts of Air Pollution and Acid Rain on Wildlife Presentation February 18, 2014
Dale, Sara Volcanic Gases in Hawaii Presentation February 20, 2014
Conway, Shane Fracking in the Marcellus Shale Region Presentation February 25, 2014
Blad, Garrett Climate Summer: Portland-Montreal Pipeline Presentation February 27, 2014
Dunham, Brandon Nuclear Energy: The Good, The Bad, and The Commonly Misconstrued Presentation March 6, 2014
Favia, Michael Athabasca Oil Sands Presentation March 20, 2014
Schmidt, Mary Arctic Sea Ice Changing- A Mercury Concern Presentation March 25, 2014
Kohler, Evan Water Scarcity in the Modern World Presentation March 27, 2014
Kacsits, Olivia Chemical Water Pollution in Lake Michigan Presentation April 1, 2014
Sadler, Madison Mercury and Phosphorus Contamination in the Everglades Presentation April 3, 2014
Seidel, Molly GMOs, Health, and the Environment Presentation April 8, 2014
Lukish, Danielle Environmental Effect of Oil Spils in the US Presentation April 10, 2014
Woods, Kourtney Health Risks of Heavy Metal Pollution in China Presentation April 15, 2014
Buerger, Matthew Environmental Fallout of Fukishima Presentation April 17, 2014
       All Reports Due
Arguelles, Alexandra Water Scarcity in Teaxs: How We're Dealing with It Report  March 20, 2014
Cobb, Erin Survival in the Plastisphere Report  
Dave, Vishal Great Pacific Garbage Patch Report  
Fischer, Sebastian Alternative Energy/Renewable Resources Report  
Glueck, Christopher Why Petrochemical Refining and Public Health Are at Odds Report  
Green, John Ocean Acidification and Lake Michigan Impact Report  
Griess, Daniel Nuclear Energy: Recent Advances and Research Report  
Hogan, Sara Causes and Effects of Coral Bleaching Report  
Hoyt, Briggs Artificial Photosynthesis: Modeling nautre to save nature Report  
Jacobs, Allison Chesapeake Bay Program Report  
Kabuye, Joanna The Environment and Our Eyes Report  

Martin, Elizabeth Cannabis Carbon Foortprint: Marijuaba Industry's Environmental Impact Report  
McQuestion, Catherine Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico Report  
Merriman, Chelsea The European Union's 2030 climate goals and their realistic impact on our planet Report  
Nees, Sean Iron Fertilization and Subsequent damagin to ecology, flourishing carbon sequesteration, and ship systems damage by increased biofueling Report  
Obendorf, Kenneth Genetically Modified Organisms in Crops and Food Report  
Rayno, Erik Love Canal in Niagra Falls Report  
Ridella, Thomas Asbestos and its Environmental Effects Report  
Rooney, Brendan Nuclear Energy: Disarmament and Politics Report  
Shepard, Abigail Sustainable Design Report  
Swint, Abigail Effects of Coal Mining and Mountain Top Removal Report  
Viamontes, Christopher Smog and It's Effects: Bejing Olympics Report  
Walsh, Martin How Climate Change Has Affected Ski Resorts Report  
Weigel, Rachel Health and Environmental Effects of Pesticides Report