Synthetic Secrets

Welcome to the NANOWORLD. Researchers in our group have formulated simple chemical routes for preparing nanomaterials in different media. 

The links below lead you  to simple synthetic methods for  preparing nanparticles/nanostructures.  These nanostructures are  photoactive and they have applications in light energy conversion (solar cells), sensors, electrochromic and photochromic devices, fuel cells and optoelectronic devices.  Chemical safety is essential while following these procedures.

(NOTE: THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Links may not work properly.)

1. Colloidal Semiconductors

2. Colloidal Metals 

3. Nanorods

4. Core Shell Particles

5. Nanostructured Semiconductor Films

6. Photoelectrochemical Cells

7. Electrophoretic Deposition

Metal Nanoparticles
Carbon Nanotubes
Molecular Clusters (C60, Porphyrin)