Current and Former Graduate Students

Graduate Advisees Highest Degree Year of Entry Year of Graduation Thesis Title Current Employment
Ashraf N. Al-Khateeb PhD 2003 2010 Fine scale phenomena in reacting systems: identification and analysis for their reduction. Ph.D. dissertation Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Khalifa University
Gregory P. Brooks PhD 1997 2003 A Karhunen-Loeve least-squares technique for optimization of geometry of a blunt body in supersonic flow. Ph.D. dissertation Computational Sciences Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Richard J. Caspar MS 1994 1996 Experimental and numerical study of shear localization as an initiation mechanism in energetic solids MS thesis Manager of Engineering, Endless Pools
Michael T. Cochran MS 2002 2006 Two-Dimensional viscous compaction in compressible granular materials MS thesis Process Engineer, Andritz, Pennsylvania
Keith A. Gonthier PhD 1990 1996 A numerical investigation of the evolution of self-propagating detonation in energetic granular solids Ph.D. dissertation Professor, Louisana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisana
Matthew J. Grismer PhD 1989 1994 Numerical simulations of steady and unsteady detonation phenomena with application to propulsion. Ph.D. dissertation, scanned 6 Mb Ph.D. dissertation, high resolution 123 Mb Computational Sciences Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Andrew K. Henrick PhD 2000 2008 Shock-fitted numerical solutions of one- and two-dimensional detonation. Ph.D. dissertation Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thomas J. Kane MS 1993 1995 A numerical simulation of explosively induced separation in metal joints Senior Mechanical Engineer, DRS Technologies, St. Louis, Missouri
Pramod Malatkar MS 1995 1997 A study of the effect of surface topography on wet clutch performance Director, Engineering Mechanics, Intel, Chandler, Arizona
Marukel Nunez-Olivares MS 1992 1994 A two-dimensional model for an evaporative falling film with deposition. ?
Joshua D. Mengers PhD 2008 2012 Slow invariant manifolds for reaction-diffusion systems. Ph.D. dissertation Project Manager, US Department of Energy
Katherine Pielemeier PhD 2016 2023 Shock and detonation dynamics in non-ideal gases Ph.D. dissertation Post-Doc, University of Notre Dame
Rafael E. Petrosyan MS 2000 2003 Developments of the intrinsic low dimensional manifold method and application of the method to a model of the glucose regulatory system, M.S. thesis -
Christopher M. Romick PhD 2007 2015 On the effect of diffusion on gaseous detonation, Ph.D. dissertation Research Scientist, Eureka Physics, LLC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sandeep Singh PhD 1996 2003 Rational reduction of reactive flow models and efficient computation of their solutions, Ph.D. dissertation Engineer, Detroit Diesel, Detroit, Michigan
Andrew M. Smith PhD 1991 1997 Hydrodynamic lubrication theory in rotating disk clutches Ph.D. dissertation Senior Engineer, General Electric, Clifton Park, New York
Jinlong "Jerry" Wang MS 1998 2000 Solutions of one-dimensional reactive Navier-Stokes equations Founder and CEO, Haitou Global, New York, NY

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